Our partners

We have selected the right partnerships with technology providers that allows us to deliver scalable, flexible solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We use the technology platforms and embrace processes which allow us to react quickly to the new challenges brought by real-time communication environments, and the need for speed of response and continuous improvement and refinements of activity.


twentysix have worked with Episerver for over 4 years, in that time we have gained premium partner status, developed over 30 sites on the asp.NET CMS platform and had 10 developers achieve certification in the platform. twentysix has vast experience delivering scalable, feature rich websites on this fully featured enterprise level content management system.

We are the 2nd largest Episerver development agency in the UK and were Episerver Partner of the Year in 2010; we have worked with the full suite of Episerver products.

  • Episerver CMS
  • Episerver Relate
  • Episerver Mobile Pack
  • Episerver Composer
  • Episerver Mail
  • Episerver Commerce


twentysix is an Umbraco Gold Partner, who have been working with the CMS for over 2 years and developed over 10 sites on the platform. With 5 Umbraco certified developers, we’re more than adept at delivering solutions in this open source CMS platform, the partner platform that is generally preferred by clients who don’t want to be tied into a closed sourced CMS.


twentysix have been working with Sleek for over 2 years. Sleek are a local hosting partner with big ideas and a great 24/7 support methodology. They provide a fast and reliable service which coupled with their fantastic support means that in our opinion they are unrivalled in terms of providing bespoke hosting services.

Marin Software

In 2014, twentysix decided to partner with Marin Sotware, recognised globally as the leading Paid Media platform. Since then, we have on-boarded nearly all of our paid media clients, become a certified agency and shared a stage at our annual client conference. twentysix has experience of delivering scalable solutions across this platform from ecommerce to travel and finance, and very much see Marin as an important partner to our business and our clients.


twentysix benefit from having a direct relationship with Google. Working with our agency manager, we are able to access a range of insight, beta programmes and training. This helps both our team and our clients develop a deeper understanding of the search world, keeping our campaigns fresh, relevant and focused on achieving success.

On the back of our relationship, our Head of PPC David McAndrew was asked to be on stage at the 2014 European Partner Sumit in Dublin.