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The project

Salon Professional's N3D interactive presentation tool is designed to use the very latest technology to show innovative and engaging presentations on a range of different platforms. It allows P&G to create interactive animated educational materials that can be localised by individual countries and viewed on desktop, touchscreen and iPad.

The objective

  • Allow users to translate and edit existing presentations as well as create their own presentations
  • To develop content that only needs to be translated once and is rolled out across multiple platforms
  • Visually exciting, fresh and innovative
  • Allow training material to come alive on screen
  • Needs to have multilingual capabilities to provide global reach
N3D interactive application

Interactive, tangible content is used throughout the app, making full use of modern touch screen functionality. to create a thoroughly engaging learning environment

Our solution

The N3D tool is broken down into three elements, all of which work in perfect harmony. These consist of:

number 1

An Administration Portal where users can edit / localise or create presentations at the touch of a button.

Ineractive N3D presentation
number 2

A Desktop Player which will transform presentations into 3D interactive learning material.

Ineractive N3D presentation
number 3

An iPad Player which will allow users to experience 3D material on the road.

Ineractive N3D presentation

The Outcome

N3D is now fully integrated into the Salon Professional education environment with 1000+ users in 77 countries using interactive training materials in studio and salon training environments. We have created over 30 interactive presentations for desktop, touchscreen and iPad: these are being adapted, translated and personalised globally so each market uses cross-platform training materials relevant specifically to their needs.

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