Following a competitive pitch twentysix were successful in winning the role as lead digital agency for TalkTalk Business.

The role includes managing and optimizing all aspects of TalkTalk Businesses digital offering including their main brand and e-commerce website - The first project briefed to twentysix was to re-design and re-develop the main businesses website.

The objective

The TalkTalk Business team were keen to develop a new site:

  • To provide engagement with customers and demonstrate TalkTalk Business as a thought leader in the evolution of Telecoms and cloud services.
  • To increase conversion.
  • To service key prospect segments with distinctly different needs to deliver content appropriately, to track campaigns and key goals for each.
  • To do all of the above by representing the brand in a clear and coherent manner, reflecting both the TalkTalk Group and TalkTalk Business brand vision.
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The solution

twentysix conducted an extensive Discovery phase which include workshops and sessions with all the site stakeholders and audiences, both internal and external. Through the workshops the needs and requirements of the various audience groups were identified and this insight provided the basis for the development of the user journeys, sitemap, wireframes and site wide information architecture.

“The analytics solution will be the most advanced solution implemented on one of our websites so far.”

The design team then developed a creative and engaging concept which was underpinned by the findings from the Discovery phase. Once approved the design was taken into development and the site was brought
to life.

The site includes some innovative functionality, including a broadband speed and availability checkers, live chat, a new dynamic page structure (which allows the client to re-order content on the page) and a blog. The analytics solution will be the most advanced solution implemented on one of our websites so far. It enables flexibility in tagging and aligns interaction and engagement on the website with a score in order to better understand users on the website and their propensity to convert. This is the first step in an on-going process of refining and improving conversion through the website.

The outcome

The site has recently been launched to high praise from the internal stakeholders at TalkTalk Business. The twentysix and TalkTalk Business team continue to work together to optimize and develop the site ensuring we are offering the very best experience for customers and highest returns for the client.

TalkTalk Business website TalkTalk Business website TalkTalk Business website