Whilst reviewing their consumer facing credit score reporting service, Noddle, Callcredit asked twentysix to undertake a diverse program of research and insights gathering to support the planning of a marketing, product and development roadmap

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The objective and solution

The objective

  • Provide an up to date market view of Noddle and its customers
  • Align new findings with previous research and develop insights
  • Understand existing and prospective customers perceptions towards Noddle and competitors
  • Explore attitudes towards credit and personal finance management
  • Evaluate current Noddle website performance
  • Understand the efficacy of TV advertising for Noddle and its direct competitors
  • Create an agreed programme of enhancement for the website and flag areas for wider consideration across wider marketing communications
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The solution

A structured research approach included gathering quantitative and qualitative findings that would drive focused insights and provide a clear next-step plan.

Evaluation of previous research, competitor activity, Noddle conversion performance and social sentiment analysis provided a crucial baseline and helped to ensure focused research activity.

Online surveys, which included logic-based routing, targeted a broad age/gender/customer status mix. Key findings from the surveys formed the basis of detailed tele-depth interviews with respondents to get to the nub of particular feedback.

Insights were gathered and assessed ahead of conducting 40 one to one user lab interviews across three UK cities. The labs allowed the twentysix user insights team to directly explore attitudes and perceptions of Noddle and the market’s TV campaigning. Participants undertook specific tasks on the Noddle website whilst being monitored by eye/cursor tracking software. Participants also responded to interview questions whilst completing the activities to better understand and explore customer understanding, motivators and blockers.

The outcome

As a result of the research outcomes, Callcredit implemented a number of initiatives, including a new promotion for cards and loans on the dashboard, that have helped drive a 20% improvement in overall performance.

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achievement 1

A significant improvement in the mobile customer experience for the registration journey which led to a significant uplift in new customer registrations

achievement 2

The customers registering were actually converting onto paid products through the engagement of the new content.

achievement 3

An uplift of 1693 new paid customer accounts in the first month - a massive and significant win for the business.