Mercedes-Benz Vans appointed twentysix to design and build their new Media press release website

The objective

  • To develop a new site in line with the Mercedes-Benz guidelines and at the forefront of technology
  • A site that is user focused, predominantly aimed at journalists that allows for content to be easy to find and quick to download
  • To include functionality that automatically circulates new press releases as soon as they are published
  • Display Mercedes-Benz Vans as the leader in their industry with a website that represents their brand superiority
Mercedes device screenshots

The solution and outcome

The solution

The previous site was old, uninspiring and difficult to navigate. Following market research and a User Experience wireframing phase, twentysix designed a search lead website that enables users to filter via free text search, category drop downs or media type buttons. This approach ensures users find specific content they need.

Angular2 is a cutting edge Javascript framework twentysix recommended to provide a fluid user experience. A single-page-application (SPA) was developed allowing for the website to behave more like a desktop application rather than a traditional web-build.

Angular2 builds are significantly faster and more responsive than traditional websites as the browser doesn’t reload the entire page each time the user clicks a link or interacts with the site.

The outcome

  • 97% increase in average time spent on site
  • 21% conversion rate increase in content downloads