The brief

The Design museum challenged us to enable greater engagement with their physical collection on smartphone and tablet platforms. They wanted to extend the collection beyond the walls of the museum and make it available to thousands of users all over the world. It also had to generate social activity, start conversations.

The strategy

The app was designed to be a tactile way to engage and learn about a selection of the most inspiring and important design classics of the last 100 years. We applied the full service offering of the agency to achieve success. Starting with a deep understanding of the target user group, we worked to ensure the app experience was fluid and intuitive. Our team worked closely with the Design Museum to create a visual theme that resonated with the parent organisation. It had to be fun to use. We wanted to intrigue users, motivating them to explore and discover.

The outcome

Design Museum screen 1 Design Museum screen 2 Design Museum screen 3

What they said

Josephine Chanter - Head of Communications, Design Museum

We were very impressed with how twentysix approached the project and would like to congratulate the designers on an immaculate execution.

Jill Ritblat - Design Museum Truste

The Design Museum Collection App is beautiful and an example of how museums and other cultural institutions could be exploring modern technology. It functions as a worldwide extension of the museum itself, and the video clips of the present director and essays by the first director are tutorials in the collection and a unique experience. Congratulations to the designers and twentysix.