Millions of people work, play, talk, read, watch, listen, buy and sell online, the skill is in knowing what it takes to grab their attention while they do it.
Life Online is about turning that moment into a connection.

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Who We Are

We understand the online environment and we can predict how consumers behave to ensure that the brands we work with build powerful connections with their customers. Underpinning all our creativity is a rock solid foundation of data, consumer insight and user experience. Everything we create is subjected to our brutal focus on measurability and effectiveness.

Simply put, we bring brands to life online.

Our joined up approach to data, and our bespoke single point automated dashboard data product, allow us to make business decisions that have a positive effect on the bottom line. This approach helps us to better understand the digital world that our consumers live in, and how they behave within it, and apply that understanding to deliver the best results for our clients.

We provide the full raft of digital services, all in house


  • Information Architecture
  • User centered design
  • Creative campaign ideas
  • Usability
  • Accessibility

Digital Marketing

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Online and viral advertising
  • eCRM/email


  • Web build
  • Content Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Hosting

We provide the full raft of digital services, all in house

Guy Sharman - Creative Director

Guy Sharman Creative Director

"We have one of the best multi-award winning creative teams in the UK. The team is passionate about anything and everything digital and highly experienced and skilled in cross discipline, cross platform creative solutions to ensure your target audiences are thoroughly engaged by your brand online."

Harriet Hughes-Payne - Client Services Director

Harriet Hughes-Payne Client Services Director

"Our Client Services team will develop and drive your strategic road map ensuring that you meet your overarching objectives and continue to strive for digital excellence in an ever shifting, challenging digital landscape."

Matt Pallatt - Director of Development, Technology & Innovation

Matt Pallatt Director of Development, Technology & Innovation

"With a combined experience of over 150 years, the twentysix development team has worked with pretty much every web technology there’s been over the last 15 years; our .NET and PHP teams have collectively delivered over 40 EPiServer, Umbraco and Drupal WCM projects over the last two years. With over 15 industry certifications across the team twentysix is ideally placed to deliver first class technology solutions to match your requirements."


How we work

We have embraced the shift from traditional practice to new and more diverse two-way, participative platforms that incorporate multiple consumer touch points. Our agency model has shifted from delivering services to our clients to helping them transform their marketing model towards customer experience marketing with digital activity in the centre of this marketing model.

Our approach of customer experience marketing has meant that we have embraced the need for new requirements around technical capability, skills, processes and approaches.

Our customer experience marketing approach falls into three categories

  • Reach
    • Be recognisable. Be disruptive. Be inviting. Be clear. Be simple. Use insightful calls to action.

      We generate long term profitable customers for our clients. We create the idea. We capture the attention and we drive the end to end optimisation programme to deliver maximum conversion.

  • Engage
    • Don't treat customers as transactions to be processed.

      A customer's experience is about how they feel and think: the rational and emotional side. Emotions can drive or destroy brand value. We create emotional attachments between brands and consumers.

  • Retain
    • Encourage. Engage. Entice. Interact. Be timely.

      From the first contact through the entire lifetime of the relationship we can change customer behaviour. We help brands exceed expectations and drive brand loyalty and advocacy.