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TwentySix Life

Website development

We design and build websites across the two major development platforms, Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET) and LAMP (PHP). We have expertise in the delivery and support of business critical and ecommerce websites for a wide range of B2C, B2B and public-sector clients. We work with a number of CMS vendors and suppliers and will help find the right CMS for you and your needs. Most projects that twentysix undertake have integration points into both commercial and internal systems, with connectivity generally occurring through either SOAP or REST based web services. These can be simple integrations with currency converters, through to extensive integration projects tying in credit check programmes, lead management systems or real-time flight feed information. We have an internal team of mobile development specialists who work across all major platforms from iOS and Android through to Windows and Blackberry. We have a huge catalogue of apps that we have developed, from games through to utilities. Behind every website we build is a robust Content Management System (CMS), allowing us to create a look and feel for websites, as well as set templates so our clients can manage their own content and create their own pages as they wish.

CMS development

Content Management Systems (sometimes known as Web Content Management Systems) definitely aren’t new to the internet, but in the early days content management systems were extremely expensive large-scale systems which needed lots of computing power to run effectively. That all changed around 15 years ago and there is now an abundance of different software platforms to meet almost any need for content creation and editing.

Choosing the right CMS

Advancements over the last 15 years have not only made systems which are less resource hungry, but also systems which deliver more features and are much cheaper.

CMS platforms go the whole gamut, from simple open source platforms which prioritise text editing, through to complex enterprise systems which not only provide for workflow, versioning, rich media editing and beyond, but also integrate marketing tools like A/B and MV testing, personalization, marketing automation, and integration with CRM and ERP platforms from the likes of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

12 years of CMS experience


With more than 15 certified developments, we have the largest Episerver development team in the UK. Our highly-qualified team ensures that we have the experience and capability to deliver large-scale Episerver developments quickly, efficiently and to an exceptional standard.

We have been an Episerver Premium Solution Partner since 2009 and were awarded Episerver UK Premium Partner of the Year in 2010.

To become a Premium Solution Partner an organisation must have at least five fully Certified Episerver developers and deliver and support a significant number of Episerver projects every year. We have delivered in excess of 20 Episerver projects in the last two years alone.


Umbraco is, in our opinion, the best open source .NET CMS platform available. With its simple interface and solid feature set (including dynamic page creation through Umbraco Grids), and supported by pay-for extension modules, Umbraco is able to match the larger enterprise competitors in many areas.

We’re an Umbraco Gold Partner. Our five certified Umbraco developers have expertise right across the main Umbraco CMS as well as the supplier’s secondary products, such as Courier, Contour, Concierge.

 Kentico Cloud (.Net) 

We believe Kentico Cloud is the best headless CMS available. This product leverages the power of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and a strong content API to allow for the development of highly creative, multi-channel websites and applications. We became a Kentico CMS and Kentico Cloud partner in 2016.

Drupal (LAMP)

Drupal is an extremely popular Open Source, PHP based, CMS, which markets itself as a content management framework. Unlike traditional CMS platforms, Drupal comes with hardly any functionality and asks end users to configure a platform which meets their needs using a combination of add-ons and extensions. It is this flexibility that allows Drupal to meet almost any requirement; from simple content creation and editing to highly complex enterprise level functionality. We have experience in designing and building numerous Drupal sites and it is our preferred platform for PHP website development. 

The benefits of CMS

  • Our trained developers and designers can create HTML templates that can be used as templates for all of the pages, blocks or modules on your site. This allows you to easily edit and add your own content, sections and pages
  • These platforms are tested and updated regularly to include new features and bug fixes so you always have the latest technology powering your site
  • CMSs are easy to use and they put you, the editor, at the heart of creating content
  • Spell checking, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors and in-page editing are common features
  • They often include built-in media management tools for the storing and indexing of images, documents and video; meaning you can quickly and easily upload the right files to your site
  • The Unicode base of these platforms means that pages and sites can be delivered in multiple languages and locales without the need for lots of extra work
  • You’ll get global support with your CMS so you’re not tied into development from a specific agency
  • Most CMS platforms now have and encourage community support so you can get help with issues, request new features and collaborate with peers.