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TwentySix Life

User testing

We base our design and build methodology on users, designing usable products for real people. User-centric design is based around the science and art of designing a product or system that is easy to use, fits expectations and meets goals. We believe testing websites and prototypes with end-users is an essential component of user-centric design. Exhaustive and expensive rounds of testing aren’t necessary at every stage, but you do need to test. It is a commonly held belief that testing with five users will find 85% of the major issues; so, when we test we work with users in groups of between five and eight until we’re happy we have identified and solved any issues. This practice also makes sure that testing can be done quickly and does not become a barrier to progressing the project.

How we test

Usability testing

Each project is different so we tailor each testing programme to fit the unique needs of your business, the objectives of the site, and its users. We use the below approach as the basic formula for most of our user research and testing to ensure your budgets are carefully managed and the insights you receive are balanced:

  • Website analytics
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Face-to-face user testing
  • Remote user testing.

You can view our full list of User research services here:

Biometric testing

We provide a full enhanced usability / perception testing service using our in-house biometric UX lab. Our facilities include:

  • Eye tracking, across all devices and screen sizes - desktop, mobile and tablet Facial emotion mapping
  • Galvanic skin response (GSR)
  • All screen activity and participant audio collected    
  • Live observation area to allow you to observe the testing and analyse it with us in real-time.

The benefits of testing with biometric data include:

  • Richer, unprompted response data
  • Subconscious emotional reaction to stimuli – including creative visual and audio stimuli
  • Unbiased collection of areas of interest and sticking points for a truer understanding of your users’ viewing patterns and behaviour
  • Detection of changes in autonomic arousal which measures emotional response and stress levels when using a site or system.

Measurable achievements

Some of our key achievements in user testing are:

  • To determine the requirements for a new financial site, we gathered user insight via telephone interviews, user surveys, focus groups and more than 40 moderated, eye tracking labs.
  • Using our portable suits, including our eye tracking lab, for a leading UK B2B company in the construction sector to gather user insights to inform the marketing practices for their audience segments.