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TwentySix Life

User experience design

We have a team of 20 highly skilled creative UX specialists and we pride ourselves on our high level of design and creative services. This is reflected in our design and creative awards: we have been nominated for over 25 awards in the last two years for our work across website design, innovation and web development, and two of our designers were awarded the highest industry accolade as Cannes Young Lions.

Our approach to user experience design

Our approach

Decades of combined experience in user-centric design (UCD) and digital business strategy rooted in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), have taught us to focus on user needs and prioritise them against business objectives. We create delightful experiences for the user, but we also make them effective, simple, and measurable. We focus on finding what problems affect your users and devote our time to the areas that deliver the most impact. Then we test and learn.

What is Experience Design (UXD)

User experience is the science and art of designing a product or system that is easy to use, fits expectations, and meets goals. At its fullest it is the process of understanding how people think and feel whilst using a system and using this knowledge to improve the quality of interactions and the perception of a business and its products and services.

Why is it important?

Finding out early in any design process what your users actually want and need ensures that we don’t waste your money on creating something that will not help your customers achieve their goals. 

Why should I bother? - ROI of User Experience

There may have been many calculations over the years about how much time and money can be saved by investing in a user-centric methodology and not simply designing for internal stakeholders.

“Developers spend 50% of their time fixing avoidable issues” - Dr Susan Weinshenk of Human Factors International, the ROI of UX.

In an age where context of use is not to be restricted to a simple desktop environment, how a user experiences your products and services needs to be tailored to their needs - context, goal and decision stage, all needs to be understood to ensure opportunities are not missed.

Designing a delightful experience means understanding all of the elements that impact a user’s journey to achieve a desired goal. Each day every one of us experiences thousands of interactions that motivate and influence us to take an action. Understanding how this affects the experience of your products and services should shape any solution that you offer.