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Corinthia Hotels

A world-class website for Corinthia's award-winning hotels

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The challenge

A set of world-class hotels needs to feel premium in every sense – from the bricks and mortar which comprise the 5-star hotels themselves to the website architecture that you find online.

Corinthia approached twentysix around redesigning and redeveloping the Corinthia Hotels website to bring it up to the standard you’d expect of a world-class 5-star international hotel group whilst incorporating the updated visual identity of the Corinthia brand as a whole. 

The aim behind the redevelopment of their global website on Umbraco was to help Corinthia communicate their new brand identity without losing their distinctive look and feel as they move forward with an ambitious expansion plan. The new website needed to appeal to their audience of affluent individuals and business travellers.

This project with Corinthia Hotels can be defined by the following three challenges:

  • Aligning and redesigning the online experience for Corinthia Hotels, giving all nine hotels within the group a distinctive feel while retaining some consistency.
  • Refreshing the overall brand feel of Corinthia Hotels to enhance its appeal within the modern hotel landscape, especially to affluent guests looking for luxury away from home.
  • Streamline and improve aspects of the Corinthia website to improve the user experience for both guests and staff.

The solution

The guest journey

Our process started by fully immersing ourselves in research, UX workshops and stakeholder interviews to understand how to best balance pragmatism with expressive design across the site. Wireframes were developed to show layout and functionality, with a focus on how pages could be flexible enough to service the different hotels within the group with their unique propositions and features. Utilising a hamburger menu meant navigation could be kept out of the way on both mobile and desktop sites, allowing any inspirational imagery to take centre stage. Access for a worldwide audience was also crucial to the redesign, meaning translations of all onsite content would be needed to avoid issues which could be governed by the user’s browser language.

5-star design

We worked closely with Corinthia to create a new visual language which perfectly reflected the elegance and design details that are integral to what make Corinthia so unique. Corinthia provided a number of domains which we analysed in order to help define their ideal concept. Landing on the new site, you’d be greeted by an initial video showcase of the hotel which invites the users to experience the hotels. This invitation leads you into the subtly sophisticated, clean design of the website with visual elements helping to communicate Corinthia’s prestige, from carousels and rollovers down to the typography. A full-screen, immersive experience was at the heart of our creative thinking, especially when crafting the overhauled booking system interface which allowed us to present a simplified form to further focus the attention of users.  

Seamless service

Underpinning this design is the website architecture governed by one unified CMS used by all nine of the hotels within the Corinthia Hotel group, adding consistency and improved features which helped to create a better experience for all users. We implemented Translation Manager – our first foray into using this Umbraco Package – to help facilitate CMS managed translations for content sitewide, offering ‘GRID’ based content management and complex datatypes for storing data. The new site also had to talk properly with SynXis, Corinthia’s reservation system, which meant changing how SynXis information populated within the corresponding content components of the CMS. By doing this, the site and reservation system worked together seamlessly and could track any requests made from a single source. 

The results

We were able to successfully deliver a solution which allowed Corinthia to service all of its needs in one place, with a unified architecture across all Umbraco sites which enhanced the distinct personality of each hotel while providing an exceptional guest experience no matter where they come from or which language they speak.

With each hotel having their own distinct marketing team, the use of a singular CMS across each of the nine teams in different cities across the world allow Corinthia to maintain consistency through cohesive design and approach throughout their entire portfolio. The user is now presented with a seamless, elegant experience while trickier development needs are overcome behind the scenes through thoughtful website design.



“The website is the window into the brand for prospective guests and partners, and I am delighted that we have launched a major refresh of that is truly confident, exquisite and elegant. This site is the first application of the company’s updated visual identity and tone of voice, and it will provide customers with an improved user experience while reflecting Corinthia’s brand values and showcasing exquisite products.”


Rebecca Barrie, Senior Marketing Director at Corinthia Hotels