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TwentySix Life

Strategy, research and insight

A digital strategy defines your audience segmentation and targeting, your online value proposition, your online goals, the digital tools that you will need, and the best touch points to drive leads and sales. Implementing your digital strategy will allow you to implement a powerful marketing mix that sustains customer engagement and increases sales.

Strategy essentials

At twentysix, we can help you not only define your digital strategy but also help you implement and manage your digital activity effectively by creating a long-term vision and roadmap, an annual digital marketing plan with campaign quarters with monthly and weekly operational plans and to-do lists. Whatever your ultimate goal, we will also help you to measure the performance of your digital activity and these measurement techniques will help you to adjust your strategy as you go, continually making improvements.

We will also help you optimise your marketing activities with techniques such as AB and multi-variate testing for web and mobile devices, structured hypothesis tests for different audience touch points, creative and format testing, optimising ad networks and remarketing techniques and testing of offer and proposition.