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TwentySix Life

Influencer marketing

twentysix specialise in identifying, researching and collaborating with a wealth of influencers to help maximise brand reach amongst target audiences online. Our team (with a combined 30 years’ experience in influencer marketing) work hard to generate and maintain excellent relationships with individuals best positioned to help represent your brand values and messaging online.

Everyone benefits

All businesses can benefit from influencer marketing; it’s the type of influencer you target that changes, based on the type of product or service you offer.

What’s important is to work with influencers of relevance, which means they and their audience alike already show a keen interest in discussing topics associated to your brand. Not only does this add authenticity to your brand, but also allows you to target people more likely to engage, resulting in more effective reach, credibility and ROI.

We work with influencers by creating a relationship with them. Influencer marketing is about achieving collaboration and mutual benefit. Provided you have content of worth to their following, your target audience, influencer engagement can be a lucrative aspect to your wider marketing strategy.

Influencers explained

Marketing your brand through influencers’ channels can be part of a bigger creative campaign or a standalone project. The best way to start your Influencer marketing campaign is with information you already know: your audience’s interests. For example:

  • The publications they read
  • Their topics of interest
  • Who they look up to
  • What channels and platforms they use most often
  • The types of content they engage with.

And if you don’t know, our insights team can help you to get started. This information is invaluable when deciding the best type of influencer for your brand.

Types of influencers include:

  • Journalists
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Ambassadors, including employees
  • Industry experts
  • Thought leaders
  • Celebrities.

Investing in excellent relationships

“twentysix PR’s ideas, innovation, enthusiasm and hard work has given our business outstanding results for brand recognition across our targeted media both nationally and more niche based. These campaigns have supported our SEO strategy giving us an uplift in users and supported our end business goal of driving an increase in business leads and profitability.”

Laura Needham, Digital Marketing Manager, Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance

Brand awareness to hang your hat on

The brief

Angel & Rocket, an award-winning childrenswear brand, wanted to increase the visibility of their brand among their primary target audience: parents of young children.

The solution

  • We created a strategy that would generate blog and social coverage by key influencers, and instil positive awareness of the brand among new and existing audiences.
  • Our team selected the most appropriate parenting, lifestyle and fashion influencers in blogging to collaborate with Angel & Rocket. Each blogger was invited to select a product for their child available from the brand’s website. They were asked to share their thoughts on the products’ quality, durability, and look on their blog and social media.

The results

During this Influencer marketing campaign, we:

  • Worked with bloggers to achieve 16 blog posts about the brand
  • Reached more than 90,000 people on Twitter and Instagram
  • Got 13 new linking domains to the Angel & Rocket website
  • Increased positive sentiment for the brand within the parenting and lifestyle sector.