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Co-operative Legal Services

A cooperative approach to digital

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The challenge

Cooperative Legal Services are much more than a legal firm. 

They’re part of a hugely successful British institution, whose reputation was built from the ground up on honest and well-respected business ideals. They needed a new site packed with functionality and designed to support future performance plans, develop the brand look and feel and importantly, utilise all CMS features allowing full client control. A distinct caveat to consider was that the Cooperative Group as a whole was set to undergo a rebrand which would land shortly after the new website went live, meaning whoever took up the job would need to plan user journeys and conversions around one design, knowing that a new design would go live only a few months later.

Following a competitive pitch process, they picked twentysix to head the project and they gave us five aims for the project. The new website needed to:

  • Maximise lead conversion by supporting the future roadmap for digital campaign and lead generation.
  • Support end-to-end performance tracking.
  • Align to group IT requirements and deployment policies.
  • Utilise all CMS features allowing for full backend user flexibility.
  • Meet current and future brand and design requirements without creating a large time and cost overhead on the project.


The solution

Supporting the future roadmap for digital campaigns and lead generation was a key challenge we had to face. To tackle it, we worked alongside the Cooperative’s marketing team to get a comprehensive idea of the campaign requirements and the consequent conversion process before and after the website journey. This in-depth research provided us with the perfect foundations to go on and make informed recommendations on such integral website elements as architecture, user experience and other important information. 

When it came to aligning IT requirements across the Co-op’s website group, we set out with a collaborative approach, working closely with the Co-op’s marketing team to ensure that the work could plug into the Cooperative's other digital channels. We worked extensively throughout the discovery phase of our work with brand teams and core IT functions to ensure alignment to wider group requirements including its specific IT processes for deployment. 

With regards to CMS support and creating a CMS that allowed for full backend flexibility, we worked on the website’s Episerver framework to ensure that the Cooperative’s CMS users had complete control over the system. Our expertise with Episerver in particular meant that we were perfectly placed to get the most out of the platform and an open dialogue with the Co-op’s team allowed us to tailor the user experience to their needs. We built the site to maximise Episerver’s CMS’ ‘block-and-template’ features to ensure that the admin user has full control over the site. 

Our efficient data team had a big role to play when we came to the challenge of supporting end-to-end performance tracking. Their work was focussed around the planning and implementation of Google Analytics which, as a Google-certified partner, forms part of our overall digital expertise. To meet this challenge, we delved into our insights to bring call tracking and reporting set up to the website, adding methods of end-to-end performance tracking that made data processing much easier.

In order to meet the current and future brand and design requirements, we kept an open and productive channel with the Co-op Group’s branding agency who conduct the Cooperative’s brand management. Regular and transparent cooperation ensured that the web layouts and designs were suitable for an effective update once the new branding was revealed. This allowed us to complete the work on time, to a high standard and without compromising the requirements set out by the Cooperative Group’s content guidelines.

The results

The completion of our work on the Cooperative’s website achieved all of its objectives and set both twentysix and Cooperative up well to maintain and develop the website in the future. The new website acts as an intuitive and easy-to-use authority on various aspects of law, and operates as a sleek shopfront for Cooperative’s legal services. As well as that, the new site has seen:

  • 30% uplift in visits
  • 25% increase in engagements
  • Ongoing post live support
  • Developing support for smaller website projects.


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