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TwentySix Life


twentysix has been working with Episerver for over 10 years - establishing ourselves as one of their first UK partners in our first year. In that time, we have been Gold Partner of the Year, and had our work recognised as Episerver’s UK Website of the Year on 2 occasions. Over our 10 years we consider that we have mastered the Episerver CMS and have one of the largest certified Episerver development teams in the UK, all onsite and employed by twentysix. We don’t use contractors, and we don’t offshore to deliver the highest quality, security and control.

Why twentysix for Episerver?

As a Gold Partner and with one of the largest development teams in the UK, twentysix is an ideal choice to help deliver your new Episerver Development project. 

As one of the first Episerver UK Partners, twentysix has a significant heritage with the CMS and is still leading its application to deliver Enterprise Content Management and Individualised Content Experiences. 

Choose twentysix, and you'll receive: 

  • Leading strategic digital thinking to define a world-class solution 
  • A high quality, user-centred approach to design 
  • One of the largest and most talented Episerver development teams in the UK 
  • Significant experience delivering core Episerver modules including Find, Perform and Insight
  • Robust project management and QA 
  • A high-quality post-live support service with its own dedicated service desk 
  • A digital roadmap to drive visibility, engagement and conversion

Episerver migration & support

Don’t forget, if you are happy with Episerver but want to change agency partners to support you, as an Episerver Gold Partner, twentysix can help.

There are lots of reasons why you might be thinking about finding a new Episerver partner and in our experience, most organisations approach us because they’re looking for:

  • A faster turnaround on estimates and implementation work
  • A high-quality support service 
  • Reassuring levels of quality
  • Better value for money / a higher return on investment
  • A proactive, strategic partnership where requirements are challenged, and clear direction is given
  • Help unlocking dormant capabilities to realise the full potential of Umbraco.

twentysix has a lot of experience delivering website migrations and ongoing Episever support, if you're looking for a new partner, get in touch.