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Design and delivery are only part of the equation: if you aren’t working towards the right solution then you’re working hard to travel in the wrong direction. Our digital strategists, customer experience specialists and technical consultants work with your stakeholders and users to discover your requirements and constraints and scope a digital solution and scope that will best deliver what you need – either as part of undertaking a full project with twentysix, or as a standalone service.

Discovery services

We offer a discovery service providing analysis and consultancy to design solutions to meet your needs. Using workshops, interviews, desk research, and asset analysis, we will define, document and prioritise your objectives, user requirements, technical strategy and constraints in detail – this will inform both your strategy, your solution and also your implementation.

We will identify the best platform for your needs, design process flows to integrate the platform with your business systems and processes, identify the functionality and presentation required, estimate the cost of implementation and design a delivery roadmap – all calculated to meet your requirements, budget and timelines.

We use these processes as part of our full development project process but we have designed our outputs so that we can provide a standalone service – whether that’s to allow you to assess the feasibility of a project, or to provide the basis for you to assign budgets, timescales and to define requirements for an independent development procurement process.

Defining success

Some of our key achievements in Discovery are:

  • We analysed more than 100 systems and consulted more than 40 stakeholders to define a Content Management System (CMS) and technical ecommerce delivery solution for a global electronics manufacturer.
  • We completed systems, process, risk and asset analysis on large, complex ecommerce system. Using this insight, we designed the client’s technical migration and gradual enhancement programme, preventing a costly and time-consuming redevelopment.
  • We discovered the technical requirements and business objectives, in conjunction with user research and experience design, to define the platform selection and procurement strategy for major public body.

“We selected twentysix to support us during the Discovery phase of our project, for their UX expertise, and their knowledge and experience in using and implementing a wide range of CMSs. With their support we were able to confidently select a CMS that is cost-effective, fits our current requirements and is flexible to accommodate future changes.”

Tim Kitchener, Senior Project Manager, The Health and Care Professions Council

Packing the right solution

The brief

Antalis international are Europe's leading distributor of paper, packaging and visual communication products for professionals. We were commissioned to deliver a comprehensive Discovery phase to generate requirements for the project’s User Experience and Creative design phases. This phase would form functional build requirements for the redevelopment of core lead generation, inspiration and pure-play ecommerce redevelopments (to be completed by existing third-party build partner).

The Discovery phase had to include a diverse range of internal stakeholders, multiple European customer regions and business sectors. Antalis have more than 100 websites across their European business areas – including lead generation, campaign hubs, career sites, and their core ecommerce and customer service portals. A centrally available CMS driven framework did exist, provided by Paris HQ, IT and marketing functions, however, this was inconsistently used and often heavily localised.

The solution

  • We completed a programme of business stakeholder discovery and requirements workshops with senior business directors and business sectors that incorporated business owners from each major European business region across IT, Sales and Marketing
  • We identified and refined their customer personas
  • We conducted more than 50 qualitative tele-depth interviews on Antalis’s core customer personas and business segments; and more than 30 qualitative tele-depth interviews with the brand’s pan-European internal business stakeholders
  • We issued 50,000 quantitative customer validation online surveys and 3,000 quantitative stakeholder validation online surveys
  • Using existing analytics, we determined the behavioural and conversion pathways of their existing site and users
  • We reviewed and benchmarked Antalis against their competitors as part of our desk-based research.

The results

As a result of our Discovery, our recommendations included:

  • User experience benchmark and recommendations
  • Digital brand implementation and enhancement recommendations
  • 10 validated core customer personas
  • 10 red routes (core customer user journeys)
  • Recommended functional and non-functional requirements
  • Insight and data analysis
  • Full primary research.