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TwentySix Life

Content audits and strategy

Content audits and strategy

We understand the importance of good quality content, and how presenting it in alternative forms can massively improve user and audience engagement. With consumers exposed to so much content online, achieving resonance and stand out value has never been more important for brands and organisations.

Our services

As a full-service digital agency, we can work with you to deliver content to engage your target audience, from defining an overarching content strategy through to creation of web content and design and production of assets such as infographics, animations and videos.

We use insights to drive content creation and then distribute this content across the relevant channels and platforms. Central to our content planning methodology is our holistic approach to strategic content planning. We view digital content as a multifaceted ecosystem. Each content type is ratified for its effectiveness on multiple digital goals to ensure maximum business benefit.

The right type of content

Written content

We have a team of copywriters who are experts in producing user-centric written content. Our copywriters have experiencing in writing copy for websites, blogs, social channels and a vast range of on and offline publications.



Our creative team are experienced in producing static and interactive infographics which can sit across websites, social channels and microsites. 



We have a specialist animation team who can create compelling, engaging animated content. Animations can bring content to life to aid understanding and engagement.




twentysix offers the full range of video production services in-house, from location and studio-based shoots to editing and motion graphics services. Actual filmed video footage has its benefits for relaying certain information and is more ‘real life.’ 

A strategy for success

Some of our key achievements in content strategy are:

  • Using a budget of £20,000 we created and distributed four viral films for a leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) client. We achieved over 28 million views, at a cost per view of £0.007.
  • Our pan-European viral film for a leading UK retailer cost approx. £35,000 and became the #1 gaming video on YouTube after just one day. With 680,000 views, the video achieved 9% conversion to the product page. It was nominated for three Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) Effectiveness awards.

Creating appetite for ASK

Our Autumn campaign for ASK Italian, #FeedYourTemptation, focussed on increasing the number of dessert purchases. We supported the launch of a new dessert, the chocolate lava mountain, by creating mouth-watering social video content and managing the brand’s paid-for social activity.

We helped ASK achieve some record-breaking ‘real’ results with the dessert selling out in more than 50% of restaurants across the country in the first week. This was unprecedented response to the launch of a new menu item and the chocolate lava mountain is still the highest performing menu item.