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TwentySix Life


twentysix affiliate marketing goes beyond focusing only on affiliate networks, whilst still important, we also integrate a wide range of pay-on-results disciplines to ensure a holistic approach to your affiliate campaign. Our managed service delivers traffic via a combination of affiliates, pay on results disciplines and our in-house platform to deliver an integrated affiliate marketing strategy to meet our clients KPI’s and maximising results. Unlike most Affiliate agencies, we offer a complete Affiliate marketing service to our clients. Capable of managing affiliate network relationships, basket abandonment or email marketing, our expert team will craft the right solution for your requirements. Our clients benefit from the broad opportunity which we offer, without suffering from any dilution and our service can tackle your entire performance led channel – this ensures a single brand focus with an all-encompassing campaign environment. We are network agnostic and work with a roster of affiliate networks, additionally we have an in-house affiliate network to support private closed affiliate networks for our clients.

Our services

We offer:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Basket retargeting
  • Email marketing or lead generation
  • Reporting and analysis

Achievements worth adding to bag

Some of our key achievements in Affiliates are:

  • We increased affiliate revenues 116% year-on-year for one of the UK’s leading shoe retailers.
  • We drove significant year-on-year growth of 64% in the past 12 months, representing 23% of overall online contribution for a large fashion retailer.
  • We delivered an 108% increase in revenue from affiliates-only content for a large luxury retailer.

Tailor-made solutions

The brief

Suit Direct are one of the market leaders for premium branded suits at competitive prices. With 26 stores up and down the country and an ecommerce suit, Suit Direct had carved out a niche within the competitive suit market. The main objective of their affiliate campaign was to continue their strong year-on-year growth while keeping a very positive return on investment (ROI). This was a challenge as, having looked after their affiliate from year one, the channel already mature.

The solution

We met their objectives in three stages:

  1. Developing a traditional affiliate campaign
    • We did a medium to long tier project to increase the number of click-active affiliates on the campaign
    • We added content sites to increase long tail sales and brand exposure
    • By strategically selecting and negotiating private commission rates with performing affiliates we got further exposure for the brand
    • We strengthened relationships with key affiliates through daily communication
    • We created a full communication strategy, including fortnightly affiliate updates
    • We developed an incentive strategy to increase active affiliates in both clicks and sales.
  2. Developing a basket retargeting campaign
    • We launched a cascade email campaign with various send out times
    • We introduced a basket rebuild function to improve conversion rate
    • We created a post-sale email campaign to upsell complimentary products
    • We added an on-site basket reengagement tool to retarget abandoning users.
  3. Developing a behavioural retargeting campaign
    • We continued the optimisation of the brand’s campaign using segment and AB creative tests
    • We launched post-sale banners
    • We developed dynamic banners.

The results

As a result of our strategy we:

  • Saw a 64% uplift in revenue year-on-year
  • Increased return on investment (ROI) by 13%+
  • Increased online marketing contribution by affiliates by 15% year-on-year
  • Won the Northern Digital Awards for Best Affiliate Marketing Campaign in 2016.