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TwentySix Life

What we do

We start conversations. We understand the online environment and we can predict how consumers behave and ensure that brands we work with build powerful connections with their customers.

Creativity defines everything we do. It is as much about understanding social media, defining content strategy and technical innovation as it is making things look beautiful.

Underpinning our creativity is a rock-solid foundation of data, consumer insight and user experience. Everything we create is subjected to our brutal focus on measurability and effectiveness.

We have 4 key principles that we always consider when approaching marketing and brand building online.

Digital is everywhere

Digital does not exist in isolation. It’s a cooperative platform. It’s the backbone of communications between brands and consumers. An effective digital strategy requires online to embrace offline, and offline to embrace online.

Be true to the brand

Be authentic and be truthful. Channel the essence of the brand online. Extend and enhance the brand presence, never dilute or change what the brand stands for. Use online to demonstrate the indisputable brand benefits to your audience.

Dialogue builds connections

Engage and entertain. Surprise and delight. Use online to advance and enhance the story. Pull the reader in. Don’t just show and tell. The most enduring brand experiences are those which create a genuine dialogue between customer and brand.

Measure everything

Online is a uniquely accountable medium, but rarely measured effectively. If you can’t measure it effectively, don’t do it. You won’t learn anything different. You won’t know what to do next time and more importantly what not to do again.

Millions of people work, play, talk, read, watch, listen, buy and sell online. The skill is in knowing what it takes to grab their attention while they do it. ‘Life Online’ is about turning that moment into a connection.

Simply put, we bring brands to life online.

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