Yorkshire Tea


Yorkshire Tea are established as a playful, challenger brand with a dash of tradition and resounding Yorkshire pride. They approached us to play on each of these points to create an engaging campaign around National Tea Day that would engage their audience and get the nation talking. What better way to talk in 2020? By way of emoji.


Creating an engaging campaign for an awareness day is always a challenge due to the sheer volume of content out there on a time sensitive event.

We were tasked with creating a social buzz and driving wider brand awareness, which we needed to do via a campaign in keeping with Yorkshire Tea’s playful tone of voice.


We identified a clear gap in the emoji keyboard. There was a dedicated emoji for coffee and even speciality tea, but there was nothing to signify a classic cuppa.

Following the conversational social media presence of Yorkshire Tea, we validated the need for a proper tea emoji using social listening to qualify the existing conversation.


Utilising different data points allowed us to prove the desire from an existing audience for an emoji that clearly communicated tea. We used Pulsar to reveal extensive social media conversation around UK tea brands and tea keywords, further backed up with Google Trends data quantifying existing searches around keywords of the proposed emoji.


With a wealth of organic data to qualify our case, and a nation of devoted tea drinkers behind us, we took this forward to the Unicode Consortium, the emoji gatekeepers, to officially apply for our teapot emoji.


From initial application to being live on keyboards, the emoji development process takes over a year at minimum. This provided multiple opportunities for content creation and conversation starters to be shared on the Yorkshire Tea social channels.  

We launched with social shorts explaining the reasoning behind application and Yorkshire Tea’s hopes for getting a teapot emoji on the keyboard. We created a graphic of a message conversation to further tie into the conversational nature of the brand and the campaign, keeping the humour to help in making it engaging for the audience. This was supported with data around how much tea is consumed in the UK to further validate the fanbase at the heart of the campaign.

The key talking point was launched on National Tea Day 2019, cutting through the competition with a piece of genuine interest for the loyal Yorkshire Tea fans and everyone beyond that audience who wanted the opportunity to share their love for tea via an emoji.


While the initial campaign was focused on the initial announcement of application, we further supported Yorkshire Tea as designs began to rollout and the conversation continued on social media. We played the waiting game as we waited to see how different platforms and systems would design the final teapot emoji. Rollouts across different platforms began in March 2020, extending throughout the year until the final release expected in December 2020.

As different platforms rolled out their own design, Yorkshire Tea utilised this as an opportunity to share the news in their own tone of voice, maintaining a social buzz around the teamoji.


The #teamoji campaign generated the strongest performing social posts of the year for Yorkshire Tea by doubling average engagements across social media.

The #teamoji was officially confirmed for a well-deserved spot on the emoji keyboard in August 2019, with initial rollouts launching in March 2020. You can now find the teamoji across all android and iOS devices.

We’ve always dreamed of having a tea emoji (as have most tea drinkers!) and this year we decided to try and make it happen. We worked with twentysix to create a quality submission to send to Unicode and they also worked on the social campaign to promote this externally.

Overall it was a great success and the social video captured loads of attention from our fans and even new tea drinkers. This campaign was a real success and we cannot wait for the teamoji to launch!

Elle Tehrani - Digital Manager at Taylors of Harrogate