Morgan Advanced Materials

A global replatforming for Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials are a global engineering company and true leader in advanced materials science, but their websites didn’t live up to their brand’s reputation.

Through audits and continuous strategic improvements across UX, design and development, we worked with the team to evolve their online platform to become a stellar example for best practice of digital experience.


We inherited 10 websites from Morgan Advanced Materials which were hosted on an outdated CMS and had limited support for the business’ global expansion plans. The team were looking for a digital partner to help them re-platform and overhaul their online experience. 

As well as migrating all websites across to a new and improved CMS, we were challenged to make considerable improvements to design, user experience, SEO and analytics.  


We embarked on a robust discovery process to understand the business, their market and their customers, to ensure our recommendations were underpinned by real insight.

From stakeholder workshops, full user journey reviews and the creation of customer personas, to CRO tests and incrementation analytics, the insight and discovery phase was invaluable.

From this, we were able to roll out comprehensive blueprints for improvements with clear rationale behind them.


By undertaking a deep scan of Morgan Advanced Materials’ existing sites, we identified crucial pressure points and could steer our solutions toward resolving these areas. All our tests and insights allowed us to draw up personas for key site users, demonstrate more efficient conversion journeys and optimise the wireframes to address the conversion points. This methodical approach meant that we always had sight of the most important issues that needed resolving and could build our plans accordingly.


Our creative team used these blueprints to evolve the Morgan Advance Materials brand holistically, retaining its essence yet making it more relevant for digital. The designs were guided by the optimised wireframes in order to create fully responsive websites across desktop, mobile and tablet.


Our solutions team recommended using an intuitive Umbraco CMS, meeting both business and customer needs. Our development team maintained strategic vision during the project, with site conversion being a key consideration during the build. As part of this, they integrated analytics with the client’s Microsoft Dynamics lead generation platform to streamline processes going forward. Additionally, we orchestrated a single analytics set up across all the sites so the team could understand user behaviour across the whole group portfolio.


After the launch of the new websites, we’ve been providing Morgan Advanced Materials with regular reviews of traffic and lead data to assist with future plans for improvements. This is complemented by ongoing creative, content and technical SEO reviews and recommendations to ensure optimal performance.

The results

Our relationship with the team at Morgan Advanced Materials continues to grow as we make strategic recommendations and continuous optimisations to drive performance.

Having recently led a UX and design refresh of the brand’s key landing pages, we achieved a 1,034% increase YoY in downloads of their sales content.

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