Adler & Allan

Lead generation website launch for Adler & Allan

Adler and Allan provide market-leading environmental risk reduction services, supplying over 2000 multinational customers, across 50 different markets. We designed and built a best-in-class website to support Adler and Allan in achieving ambitious growth targets.

A screenshot of the Adler and Allan website on a white laptop.


Adler and Allan had ambitious growth targets to meet in 2020 and beyond. Our brief was to design and build a best-in-class website to drive revenue.

The website would play a crucial role in lead generation for Adler and Allan, so clear paths to conversion informed by robust data analytics, would be key to our success.

With multiple audience groups and an array of different services, we were challenged to create a logical and user-friendly hierarchy of information to ensure all site visitors could find relevant content and get in touch.

An image showing Adler & Allan's website on a smartphone screen, the phone is on a white computer keyboard.


With on-site conversion, navigation and ease-of-access high on the agenda, our first steps involved undertaking in-depth research to inform our design and development strategy.

Following on from the research stages, we brought together a range of specialist agency teams to collaborate at every level, turning our insights into solid results.


Our research and design sessions included a number of critical deliverables:

  • We undertook a ‘business understanding’ workshop to capture key priorities from stakeholders across the company.
  • Building on these findings, we carried out a customer mapping session to identify the most impactful content and messaging for priority audiences.
  • We ran a series of online usability tests with customers to help us inform and create a user-friendly navigational structure.
  • We implemented Adler and Allan’s new brand across the website.

Working in close partnership with our UX, design, data science and SEO teams, our Umbraco certified developers built and deployed the website within tight timescales.

Graph showing the results of our work for Alder & Allan.


Despite difficult trading conditions during 2020, the Adler and Allan website delivered:

  • 27% increase in contact form conversions
  • 37% increase in phone conversions
  • 21.7% increase in emails
  • 5.8% increase in page views
  • 9.2% increase in new website visitors

These results successfully showcased an optimised conversion strategy, informed by watertight analytics and a cooperative approach to implementation.

27% increase in contact form conversions
37% increase in phone conversions
21.7% increase in inbound emails

“twentysix are a fantastic agency who are pragmatic, honest, customer- and data-focused. They get the job done to a very high standard and we really value the industry standards to which they adhere. The team are brilliant – working as part of ours - which means we can work collaboratively together. We’re now proud to have a website that’s the best in our space.”

Matt Hanson - Head of Marketing, Adler & Allan