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Data-led decision making with Hitachi Capital

Operating within the invoice finance market, Hitachi Capital have worked with us for over 5 years which has seen the industry undergo rapid evolution.

Our data science team helped plot a course toward continual lead generation improvement, guided by a broad programme of activity involving integration, analysis and optimisation.

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Before we came on board, Hitachi Capital had been undertaking lead reporting using a time-consuming manual process which didn’t deliver the results they needed.

A key problem for Hitachi Capital was trying to identify whether conversion drop offs were due to traffic quality issues or internal processes. There was also a need for a solution which could determine the characteristics that makes a lead qualified or valuable.


From the get-go, we knew proper integration of data processes was the answer. Our initial conversations with Hitachi Capital identified that effective analysis and optimisation would yield the results they were after.

We integrated Google Analytics directly with their lead management system (LMS), meaning that lead statuses from the LMS were unified with the analytics data within data studio automatically.


By automating the input of generated leads within data studio, this enabled conversion journeys to be tracked on the Hitachi Capital site via the lead-gen forms. Each individual lead which engaged with Hitachi Capital would then be tied back to changes on the lead management system, which could then be analysed for performance.


This deeper understanding of the data means we are able to determine characteristics of leads that are more likely to be qualified and therefore understand what those users look like onsite. We can then ensure that optimisations made to the site are not only resulting in more leads but that the leads are more qualified.   

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Within the first few months of implementing best practice data analytics and integration, Hitachi Capital were able to get a better understanding of performance from conversion to lead value.

Opening up new avenues for analysis gave them the tools to make responsive decisions and adapt to replicate areas of positive performance across all their channels.

+284% increase in Form Submissions
-12% decrease to the bounce rate
+88% increase in Product Page views

We have worked with the data science team for over 5 years and trust them implicitly. They have helped us to ensure our users have the best possible onsite experience, helping us to more than double our conversion rates. Additionally, they have been integral to the development of joining up our online journeys to the offline processes. This has enabled us to ensure that we receive more qualified leads, positively impacting our revenue. The team are constantly coming up with new ideas and techniques to push the boundaries to ensure we are getting the most out of our data. They are enthusiastic and hardworking, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

Laura Needham - Digital Marketing Manager at Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance