Avast Software

Five years of growth for Avast Software

Avast is one of the leading providers for antivirus software, ensuring security for both consumers and business.

Having partnered with us for over five years, Avast has managed to achieve continued growth in a highly competitive market. Focusing on B2B sales, we have devised an integrated PPC & display strategy to drive sales, revenue, and improve brand awareness across key markets worldwide. 

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Antivirus protection is a highly competitive market, with new products and competitors emerging all the time.

We were tasked with devising and delivering an online growth strategy to increase B2B sales and revenue, with a key focus on ‘first purchase’.

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To better understand our target audience and their purchase journey, we conducted insight analysis to pinpoint key buying behaviours.

To increase first purchase, we needed to improve brand awareness across key markets and target the most influential channels in the purchase decision.

Recommendations from industry analysts and experts would play a key role in success.


We developed a top-down integrated approach starting at the top of the sales funnel to enhance brand awareness, and then funnelling traffic down right through to purchase, interacting with users at key touchpoints along the way.

Utilising display as a key channel, we ran a series of highly targeted and measurable campaigns to reach IT decision markers within small to medium sized businesses. The campaigns ran alongside hyper-relevant technology content, targeting potential customers researching the views of industry analysts and experts.

Key brand awareness campaigns included:

  • Video Driven Experience (VDX)
  • YouTube (including a brand study)
  • Podcast advertising

0:00-0:01: A group of people sat in an office reception area.

0:01-0:04: A woman walks out of the office with a name tag reading “Ransomware” a sticker reading “blocked” has been placed over her name tag, she looks sad. A woman puts a hand on her shoulder and says “better luck next time”.

0:04-0:05: A close up of a tablet showing that Avast software has blocked the Ransomware.

0:05-0:09: The woman is sitting with the group of people who were waiting in the office reception, they are gathered around her and looking at the tablet, concerned. The woman says “Avast protects hundreds of millions of users. It’s real time threat detection." A man on her right gasps and puts his hand on her shoulder. A pair of twins behind her exclaim “Great Shodin’s ghost!”

0:09-0:15: The full range of Avast’s antivirus software is shown. A voice over says “Avast Antivirus, protecting your business against malicious online threats.”

White laptop showing avast's new site


Through an integrated strategy we were able to reach new customers and fuel lower funnel activity. Traffic and revenue increased through branded PPC terms, our retargeting pools grew, and ultimately, sales increased.

We achieved:

  • 24 sales through Video Driven Experience (VDX):
  • 1.2 million YouTube views and 10% ad recall uplift
  • 169,788 impressions through podcast advertising
  • 22% increase in sales YoY
  • 10% increase in revenue YoY
22% increase in Sales YoY
1.2 million views on YouTube
169,788 impressions via podcast ads

We have been working with twentysix for over five years, and as a part of our integrated marketing strategy, we need to strategise and prioritise different digital projects which can be challenging and time consuming. The team at twentysix helps us plan and implement successful, cost-efficient and high ROI multi-channel marketing strategies. The team’s professionalism and industry knowledge have been key to our success.

Mariam Pilpani - Integrated Marketing Specialist at Avast Software