Asda Money


Asda Money offers a trusted range of value-for-money products and is a go-to for customers looking to purchase credit cards, travel money, insurance, and loans.

To coincide with an exciting brand refresh, Asda Money appointed us to re-design and build a new website to enhance the brand’s online customer experience and improve performance.

Image of Asda Money homepage on a white laptop


With the backdrop of aligning ‘Asda Money’ more closely to the ‘Asda’ mother brand, Asda Money’s team were working towards the ultimate goal of enhancing the online customer experience. The key objectives were to:

  • Create a seamless customer journey and integration with third-party product partners
  • Develop a flexible CMS solution, giving brand-side teams more autonomy
  • Improve SEO performance and on-site conversion
  • Review and enhance data analytics and tracking to support with insight-driven decision making
Tablet showing the Asda Money website


We needed to evolve Asda Money’s visual identity to bring it closer to the ‘Asda’ mother brand. Taking values from the current brand, we worked on a design that reflected their business: human-focused, straight forward, with a look that says value but never cheap.

We wanted smiles in the imagery and from our users too, as they were greeted by a frictionless experience and consistent design language. We refreshed brand colours to meet AA accessibility compliance and created the brand’s very first digital style guidelines, to ensure the new style was used consistently moving forwards on the website and beyond.


Taking insight from our market research, whilst working collaboratively with the Asda Money team to understand audience triggers, mindsets, and motivations, we knew we needed to build brand trust with our audience by making them feel reassured and providing the right information at key points of their user journeys.

We used ‘first click’ testing to review new screen designs to make sure users could easily find what they were looking for, and ‘tree testing’ to ensure the proposed new navigation was efficient in facilitating user journeys.

With conversions taking place on multiple different third-party sites before users would be returned to Asda Money, we needed to implement a seamless customer journey. We optimised content across these journeys and looked to provide the user with the information they needed, as well as instilling a feeling of trust and reassurance to aid conversion. To support with this, we refreshed copy on existing product pages to bring content more in line with the Asda Money tone of voice and implemented an SEO strategy targeting customers based on buyer intent - providing them with a frictionless journey from search engine to conversion.


Asda Money needed a solution that made a complex product set and operating environment simple to manage and easy navigate. So, we recommended Umbraco - a platform that could deliver a great user experience combined with ease of management.

Umbraco’s flexible content management controls make it easy for Asda Money to create and update new and seasonally relevant content to help customers navigate financial choices across a wide variety of products. Its comprehensive APIs allow for seamless integration to the third-party systems which is crucial to Asda Money’s strategic roadmap.

Asda use Microsoft Azure as their primary Cloud provider, so we leveraged native Azure services wherever possible, such as Azure Cognitive Search and QnA Maker, to deliver operational efficiencies without sacrificing on innovation potential.


To give Asda Money enhanced visibility of the full customer journey and further support the team in making informed, data-driven decisions, we built a single data infrastructure encompassing all data points and customer journeys across the Asda Money website, as well as five third-party product partners. This analytics overhaul was integral to the project and formed a solid foundation for us to deliver continued experimentation (CRO) work once the website had launched.

Mobile phone showing the Asda Money website laying on a keyboard


We delivered a clean, intuitive, and high-performing website designed with Asda Money’s customers in mind at all times.

The implementation of enhanced analytics provided the brand with valuable marketing intelligence to drive ongoing optimisations and improvements, to further enhance the digital experience.

Following launch, Asda Money reported a 109% increase in non-brand organic sessions and significant improvement on bounce rates across all key product pages.

+109% in non-brand organic sessions
10 domains in 1 data infrastructure
21% increase in engagement per session

We reviewed the market in search for a digital agency who shared our vision on building a website that was both focused on customer experience and data analytics. twentysix were the standout agency with vast experience for all things digital.

The redesign of the site has resulted in a much cleaner, modern and easy-to-use channel for our customers. We are thrilled with it and very excited about future developments with twentysix.

Katie Walley - Senior Manager at Asda Money, Mobile and Gift Cards