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Crafting an impeccable digital travel experience with Evan Evans

Evan Evans are a global leader in the UK day tours market. They have been providing tours around London and the south for 87 years and needed a new website that offered an easy and intuitive online booking journey for a diverse set of customers. We were chosen to turn that vision into a reality.


Evan Evans wanted to create a digital experience that inspired visitors with a love of all things British, while also giving them a fluid and rapid path to making a tour booking.

The site needed to cater for multiple user circumstances, from those outside the UK who were unfamiliar with London, as well as visitors who wanted to see a particular attraction, to those who were looking for certain tours on specific dates. We also needed to factor in translation services. 

As the company’s booking system was in development at the same time as the website build, we were faced with a changing challenge throughout the project.


We took an iterative, prototype-led approach to ensure our website would interface well with the booking system APIs via custom integrations.

Our solution provided optimal flexibility so users could search for their specific tour requirements, including experience type and group size, with event, attraction and tour information pulling dynamically from the third-party booking solution. 

We worked alongside Evan Evans and booking engine developers in agile sprints to agree assumptions and test development, with each sprint involving UX, design and development to build a working prototype that would interface with the booking APIs as they became available. 


To optimise user experience, we focused our efforts on a browsing > consideration > purchase approach.


When it came to the browsing elements, we prioritised supportive interactions and intuitive search options. We created hub pages for every product - attractions, tours and experiences - with each page featuring a consistent design. This made adding new products on the CMS simple and straightforward for the CMS user.


We created an ‘inspire me’ function, designed to overcome the challenge Evan Evans set us; to cater to very different user circumstances. Users with little or a lot of knowledge about London and its surrounding regions could give information about their own tastes and requirements, rather than forcing them to browse long lists of things to do and see.


Our focus for the purchasing stage was to create a clear business offering on each product page with unambiguous options to add or remove easily. We created a booking modal, inspired by brands like Just Eat to create a familiar booking journey, showing individual products one at a time, and making the entire purchase process feel manageable.


The website we created for Evan Evans was built on a fruitful and cooperative relationship between ourselves, our client contacts and third-party booking partners.

Together, we designed a fluent and dynamic website, that made finding ideal experiences and tours a breeze for not just those who knew what they wanted to see with Evan Evans, but also for those who didn’t.

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The team at twentysix did an excellent job on the new Evan Evans website. In particular, their project management and quality of client service was outstanding. They understood our requirements well, took a very consultative approach, and delivered a high-quality piece of work. Since our new website went live, they are always on hand and reactive to support with any issues or queries we have.

Tom Macklin - Managing Director at Evan Evans