ASC Direct

Boxing up a BigCommerce build for ASC Direct

Defined by their commitment to high quality and low cost packaging solutions, bespoke box builders ASC Direct requested that we give their site a tune-up. After comprehensively reviewing the site and undertaking a collaborative workshop, we recommended a fresh start through a brand new website build on BigCommerce which would allow their site to better serve their customers and align with their future goals.

The challenge

ACS Direct’s legacy site was unstable and overly reliant on complicated administration processes, which was becoming detrimental to both the brand’s online and customer experience, and future growth plans.

ASC were after a full overhaul, including a fresh new design and trusty build, involving a unique and bespoke box building tool to support their customers online.  


We recommended BigCommerce as the platform of choice due to features that would better serve their customers, integrated email capabilities, strong reporting and analysis and an effective search structure to suit the company’s product categorisation. Ultimately, we felt BigCommerce would be a great fit as the business grows in digital maturity.

Backed up by practical demos, we made a strong case for re-platforming and the ASC team were confident in our recommendation.


One of the key advantages of BigCommerce was the support it gave to crucial bespoke elements. The creation of the ‘box building’ tool was an essential lynchpin for the site, having been identified as a crucial part of the customer journey and a big contributor to a high proportion of sales. 

It was critical that the box builder customer journey was maintained and worked seamlessly with the BigCommerce platform. We designed and built a brand new ‘box builder’ tool which achieved seamless interaction with the rest of the site. The builder allows the customer to select and create the size of box they require, with those dimensions feeding into BigCommerce to return the correct product that suits their needs.


ASC reported immediate impact internally and regarding website performance. Having streamlined reporting and admin, ASC were able to better navigate data and apply flexible promotions with ease.

Within the first month, they saw a 49% increase in conversion rates which subsequently allowed ACS to scale back spend on paid media for an additional saving.

The website picked up a Finalist prize at the BigCommerce Partner Awards 2020 off the back of its success.

Visit websiteabout THE RESULTS

BigCommerce has allowed us to move forward from an ecommerce standpoint and focus on things that count – rather than worrying about the stability of the site. twentysix were excellent in helping us to both migrate our site and implement a great solution that has allowed us to make the most of the features BigCommerce offers.

Initial performance since launch has seen significant improvements that have allowed us to grow and develop our business.

Andrew Woodhead - Managing Director at ASC Direct