Armstrong Ceiling Solutions were rebranding to Zentia and the team had high hopes for a big brand reveal and launch. In the context of a global pandemic, we supported Zentia to bring their new brand to life in a creative and exciting way that was executed entirely virtually.


When the world suddenly changes and your launch party is out of the question, what do you do?

We were challenged by Zentia to find a solution that reached the same mixed audience with their important message in a way that still felt personal in the new virtual world.

How do you ensure customers understand the new brand, its direction and what it means for them, as well as getting them enthused about the company’s new beginning, at a time when there’s so much distraction?


After establishing a clear plan for segmenting the audience to maximise reach, we launched six intimate events live streamed directly to each of Zentia’s audience groups.

We created six video presentations that allowed Zentia to explain their new vision in a way that still retained that all important human connection but at a safe physical distance.


To create a memorable and engaging brand launch, we:

  • Drove pre-launch awareness, excitement, and event registrations through content to be used across all social channels and email communications
  • Designed website pages to retain all launch content, allowing access beyond the live launch date
  • Organised and managed studio time for variations of engaging launch videos targeted at different markets
  • Collaborated with Zentia to bring their event messaging to life with an impactful and engaging presentation deck
  • Set up and managed multiple live YouTube events with a Q&A element to allow for audience participation and live reactions
  • Created several animation assets to visualise the brand vision for greater brand comprehension
  • Ensured momentum continued after the live launch, with email communications and post-launch social assets

Frame 1 0:00 - 0:06

Zentia logo appears on screen, underneath the logo is text reading "Deliverables Breakdown"

Frame 2 0:06 - 0:10

A man presenting in front of a large greenscreen, the greenscreen show images of a man on a zoom call, the coronavirus and a woman wearing a facemask. A caption appears reading "Armstrong Ceiling Solutions: Christophe Lloret Linares- CEO - Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

Frame 3 0:10 - 0:18

Collection of six video clips, three at the top of the screen and three at the bottom. All six clips show different kinds of webinar; an interview style, animated and individual presentations. Text appears in the center of the six clips reading "Six webinar presentations".

Frame 4  0:18 - 0:23

A calendar logo showing the date "November 3rd" appears on the left hand side of the screen. In the center there is a count down set to one day, above the countdown it reads "We've got something to share." Below the countdown is the logo for Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. To the right hand side of the screen is an animation of two green triangle parting to reveal text that reads "Join us Tuesday 3rd November to discover our new identity, and what it means for you". The Text below reads "Multiple social assets"

Frame 5 0:23 - 0:30

A black background with a green square in the center of the screen. From the top right and bottom left corners of the square two lines emanate from the square and out of frame. Below the animation it reads "Animated content".

Frame 6 0:30 - 0:37

Two images of an in office live stream taking place with multiple laptops on each desk. The text below reads "Live  stream productions & co-ordination".

Frame 7 0:37 - 0:41

The Zentia logo is shown on screen.



We successfully helped to deliver an exciting launch for the Zentia brand, by running five simultaneous YouTube live feeds to distinct audiences. Over two thirds of those who registered for the event attended the live streams.

The team at Zentia were delighted with the positive impact and feedback the launch had on its employees and the wider industry.


We’re very pleased with the work that twentysix completed on our recent re-brand from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions to Zentia. We’re delighted with the impact that has been created through the virtual brand launch and we have received a significant amount of positive feedback from our own employees and the broader industry. The team we worked with were knowledgeable, passionate, driven and well-organised. The quality of execution across our digital channels, and the drive to lead and collaborate with other agencies involved, was key to the success of the project.

Craig Dodsworth - Head of Marketing at Zentia