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Our data team is made up of energetic, knowledgeable and passionate data analysts and data architects. Blending statistics, research, and psychology together with years of applied technical knowledge and performance marketing experience, we uncover intelligent insights to help businesses make the best decisions from data.


As digital provides strong growth opportunities for all types of businesses, data analytics plays a vital role in measuring and optimising performance.

Enhanced, end-to-end analytics, integrated with both your online and offline platforms, can generate powerful insights on customer behaviour and conversions, becoming a single source of truth and fact. Our highly experienced team have the technical know-how and practical skills to help you organise and make the most from your data.


We call ourselves tool-agnostic and platform-friendly. That’s because we can integrate with all types of data measurement platforms, including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, to tag containers (e.g. Tagmanager, Ensighten), CRMs (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics) and marketing automation platforms (e.g. Marketo, Hubspot, Force24). We build and manage automated data pipelines from an array of digital acquisition platforms across SEO, paid media and affiliates, such as Search Ads 360 and AWIN, to name a few.

Having integrated data from a variety of sources, we provide our clients with interactive digital dashboards and custom reports through Google Data Studio, so you can access meaningful marketing insights all in one place.


Data analytics is most effective when applied within an integrated approach. Our data experts work collaboratively with our performance marketing teams, and often act as extensions to their client-side teams. We provide training sessions to empower our clients and develop their confidence with data.

Our open, collaborative style of working enables co-creation and joined-up thinking, allowing us to share and distribute knowledge rapidly and widely to enhance marketing effectiveness and inform digital strategies.


In measuring and understanding marketing effectiveness, it is no longer enough to simply look at historical performance. Using analytics data, we examine variables and learn from patterns to predict future events and outcomes, such as which user characteristics are more likely to convert.

Our data team apply supervised machine learning techniques to model propensity, identify demand and predict impact. Learnings from this type of statistical analysis help us to plan, avoid pitfalls and align marketing activities more effectively.


We’re proud to be Google Marketing Platform Certified and an Adobe Community Solution Partner, but our capabilities go beyond these platforms.

We have years of technical experience under our belts, helping to enhance analytics set-ups and provide sustainable analytics solutions, delivering full visibility across both websites and apps.


Attribution modelling is the statistical method of weighting and distributing value across the various touchpoints in the conversion journey. While most out-of-the-box analytics configurations rely on last-click attribution, our methodology considers the role of all channels and touchpoints throughout the customer journey to help our clients maximise their marketing effectiveness.

We use attribution modelling to help you:

  • Understand how customers are converting on your site, from their initial touch point to purchase or activation
  • Understand the roles of channels and how they behave. Which channels function best as ‘introducers’? Can we identify channels that can act as ‘influencers’ and provide assisted conversions to other channels?
  • Get full visibility of which types of interactions are driving engagements or proving detrimental

When using an enhanced attribution model with further enriched data, we can also:

  • Apply the model up to the final offline outcome, not just the onsite conversion
  • Integrate with CRM data to include considerations for repeat purchases, loyalty or churn, as well as customer lifetime value

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We’re proud to be certified by and partnered with the industry's biggest names.

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