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TwentySix Life

Maximise business opportunity with data-driven decision making.

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At twentysix, we combine mathematics, statistics, research and psychology together with years of applied technical knowledge and digital marketing experience. Our innovative team of data analysts and architects have the expertise required to help you maximise business opportunity with data-driven decision making.

Any data, anywhere.

We are tool-agnostic and can flexibly work with data from many sources.

Your Data, Managed

Your Data, Managed

Data Foundations

Infrastructure  Infrastructure


  • Analytics (eg. Universal Analytics, Omniture)
  • CRM & Customer Funnels (eg. Eloqua, Salesforce)
  • Application tracking (eg. Firebase, SQL etc)
  • Data Layers, Triggers & Structures (eg.interactions, automation)
  • Integration Training & Consultancy

Data Science

Intelligence  Intelligence


  • Validation & regression
  • Attribution & Cohorts
  • User journeys and engagements
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Statistical Modelling
  • R, Excel, APIs
  • Optimisation Training & Consultancy

Reporting  Reporting


  • Measurement Planning
  • Performance Reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Data Studio
  • Insights Training & Consultancy

Our Services

Analytics Implementation

CRM Pairing

Tag Management

Data Layers & Models

Validation & Regression

Developer Support


Predictive Modelling

Conversion Optimisation

Performance Dashboarding

User Journeys & Cohorts

Training & Consultancy

New Era

New Era

The overview

New Era will now be able to gain a deeper undestanding of ecommerce activity with our enhanced ecommerce implementation.

This will be crucial operationally, which is especially true for inventory management and merchandising success.

Our work

  • Enhanced ecommerce implementation for
    multi-currency and multi-region EMEA website
  • Developer support
  • Immersion / data workshops

New Era Hats
New Era

The results

The enhanced ecommerce implementation now enables New Era to:

  • View reports on product and promotion, cart additions/removals and refunds
  • View data by product name, category, brand, price, position on page and promotional details.
  • Shopping and checkout behaviour to understand monitor drop offs at specific points of the journey
  • View impression data to analyse how often and when different products are viewed on different product lists and their positioning
  • Access to promotion data to monitor success of on-site promotions and understand their effectiveness - whether users view, click or purchase from banners and offers
  • Use enhanced ecommerce data within user reports and for further segmentation, identify pain-points in journeys and use these insights for optimisation exercises

Client quote

twentysix delivered a robust implementation of enhanced ecommerce using Universal Analytics and Google Tagmanager. We are very pleased with the work. This has enabled us to derive richer product performance data as well as deeper insights on how customers use our website, allowing us to better understand engagement and conversion behaviour on our website.

Sarah ThompsonEMEA Ecommerce Manager

New Era

Super Break

The overview

We upgraded and implemented Super Break’s Ireland and UK websites onto Universal Analytics with customised tracking that enables a better understanding of user intent, engagement and conversion journey on the websites.

Our work

  • Ecommerce implementation with considerations for different booking types and the mobile version of the website
  • Developer implementation support
  • Custom / dynamic event tracking for specific destinations, bookings and flights
paper plane

The results

With a much more robust enhanced ecommerce implementation, Super Break are now able to access transactional insights much more effectively

Legacy transactional data cleaned and re-structured

Insights from the implementation are used to accurately understand performance

Client quote

twentysix were able to identify and resolve our tracking challenges with a simplified implementation using Universal Analytics and Tag Manager. We are very pleased with the results and we are now able to make smarter business decisions using Google Analytics data.

Khalid AminHead of E-Commerce

New Era