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The Campaign Edit #1: Our Favourites This Week

The Campaign Edit #1: Our Favourites This Week

By Sophie Nightingale

The low down of some of the brand campaigns that have caught our eye recently including a body positivity social campaign from Mothercare, Burger King encouraging users to ‘burn’ competitors for a free Whopper, the chance for a free Nando’s, a pro-gamer invasion, and a stark reality check in a re-imagined Wind in the Willows.


Mothercare - Body Proud Mums

Mothercare UK

Last month parenting retailer Mothercare UK launched its ‘Body Proud Mums’ social campaign, championing post-birth bodies with images of Mums and their babies on Instagram. The brand explains At Mothercare, we believe all mums are beautiful and should feel proud and confident about their bodies”. The campaign features 10 Mums who are profiled on the campaign and is designed to encourage mothers to feel more confident and positive about their bodies, showing off the hard work their body has done to grow and birth a child. From stretch marks to scars, nothing is edited in the photos, combatting the often-unrealistic photos of Mums that falsely show bodies return to exactly how they were before pregnancy.

Since launch, the brand has seen a 94% increase in likes and a 94% increase in comments on Instagram, with the campaign gaining 54,827 likes and 1,515 comments. Subsequently, it has continued the success of the campaign posting user generated content shared by its audience with the hashtag #bodyproudmums.


Burger King - Burn That Ad

Burger King burn that ad

Firing up the competition, Burger King has created an augmented reality (AR) campaign in Brazil that lets customers set rival’s marketing on fire. The recently launched app feature allows users to light competitor’s billboards up in flames, revealing a Burger King advert in its place for a free Whopper at the nearest restaurant. The campaign, which is a play on their signature flame-grill cooking, was launched to promote BK Express, a new tool that lets customers pre-order to avoid queues. The brand explains the AR allows them to “hack the competition” and is expected to be giving away half a million Whopper burgers across Brazil.




Nando’s - Free Food Billboards

Onto a different style of chicken – Nandos is giving the public a chance to win a free meal with billboards across the UK featuring loyalty cards that can be torn off and used as a token in store. The campaign promotes its loyalty cards and brings to the attention of customers that 1.8million points on their cards are not being cashed in. Billboards in London and Manchester have a giant Nando’s loyalty card stuck to them for the public to tear down and win 10 free meals. There’s no minimum spend and a variety of prizes to win across the UK including half a chicken, a burger, pitta or wrap.




Aldi and McCann - Teatime Takedown

Aldi and McCann campaign

After research discovered that 38% of British children refuse to sit for family meal times, to help parents restore family dinner time, McCann has created an online service with Aldi called ‘Teatime Takedown’. More than a quarter of British parents blame online gaming for the lack of their children’s interest in family meal times. To combat this, the supermarket has enlisted a squad of pro-gamers to interrupt kids’ games and defeat them, claiming to get children “out of the virtual world, and back into the real world”. Parents can sign up to Teatime Takedown on Facebook by entering their children’s gamer ID’s. Aldi comment “From suggesting family-friendly recipes, to offering Teatime Takedowns, we’re committed to helping parents on their journey to reclaiming that all important family time”.




Wildlife Trust - Wind in the Willows

Wildlife Trusts campaign

Narrated by a star-studded line up including Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Fry and Catherine Tate, Wildlife Trust has released a re-imagined Wind in the Willows video highlighting the detrimental effect of pollution and rubbish on the UK’s wildlife. Badger, Ratty, Mole and Toad feature in the film in their new lives impacted hugely by the destructive lifestyles of humans from urbanisation, river pollution and mass littering. The damning video plays shocking scenes of Ratty’s character – the UK’s most threatened mammal, a water vole - in a junk-infested river, of which statistics reveal only 20% of Britain’s rivers are considered healthy.

Stephen Fry who plays the voice of Badger in the retelling, explains “We all need to get behind The Wildlife Trusts, rise up and call for a wilder future – otherwise it’ll be too late to save Toad, Ratty and all the residents of the riverbank and beyond”.

The film will be shown in 500 cinemas across the UK later this year.




The Author

Sophie Nightingale

Sophie Nightingale

Campaign Executive

Sophie is part of the Content and Comms team at twentysix with specific interests in digital PR. She has a First Class Master's degree in marketing and had her paper on brand engagement published in the academic field.