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Drewnicki and Gregg take on DMEXCO

Drewnicki and Gregg take on DMEXCO

By Alexandra Drewnicki

by Lucy Gregg & Alexandra Drewnicki

DMEXCO (the Digital Marketing Expo and Conference) takes place annually in Cologne, Germany. Held over two days in the famous conference centres, it is renowned for being a great space for businesses to connect across the digital industry. Some of the world’s most successful companies are in attendance, including the likes of Google and Facebook, along with marketers, agencies and technology providers, from an array of professional backgrounds. 

We (Alexandra and Lucy) were fortunate enough to be selected from the Affiliate and Display team to represent twentysix at the event. Arriving in Germany, we were excited about the prospect of two days at our first international event. 

Day one

Making our way over to the conference, we downloaded our passes and worked our way around the halls, stands and talks. This entire process was massively facilitated by the DMEXCO app, which stored tickets, booked meetings and gave a visual layout of the conference. Having a function like this was a great representation of the event, leading the way technology first. 

We both had a couple meetings set up that day, which were great for networking and having the opportunity to build relationships with key suppliers/networks.

We knew that DMEXCO was a large-scale event, but we were taken aback by the scope of the conference and how many businesses we were able to interact with. We started in Hall 9 which was around the size of a football pitch, only to realise there were 4 other halls to visit… hall 9 was packed with a wide variety of Affiliate networks which was great for Alex to be able to check in with her current account managers at the different networks and meet with new emerging German affiliates.

After spending the morning in hall 9, we quickly grabbed a Bratwurst and headed over to hall 8. This was a hall much more focused on Display. There were so many fascinating suppliers which would be ideal for our clients, and Lucy was able to accumulate some promising new contacts.

By 5pm we had exhausted the day and the free beers were coming out! We had heard about a suspiciously ‘secret’ after party which was invite only – and made it our mission to get our hands on a pair of tickets. 

By this point it was already 6pm. We knew the party was due to begin in a matter of hours and something had to be done. Using our previously acquired contacts we manged to swindle a couple of tickets and after arriving in what felt like the middle of nowhere, we arrived at what could only be described as a mini theme park. We handed over our (free!) tickets and were traded a drinks token which provided us with free drinks all night. It was already off to a good start!

As we entered the venue, we were greeted by a 20s-styled lady in fancy dress wearing an outfit made of filled champagne flutes… Once we grabbed our drinks we went to explore some more, starting with the outdoors area. There was a karaoke station, food vans, dodgems, a mini roller coaster, beer pong, table tennis, the list goes on! We set off in search of a dance floor and were confused as we couldn’t see anything resembling one, but we could hear a jazz band coming from somewhere in the distance. Hidden in the corner was an enormous sparkling curtain, off we went to find out what was behind the curtain, Wizard of Oz style. We were not disappointed to be greeted by a huge, thriving dancefloor surrounded by bars. The atmosphere was fantastic. Up in front of us a 10-piece brass band with exotic dancers spinning from the ceiling and hundreds of party goers dancing the night away. It was the party of the year!

Day two

We made our way back to the conference to visit the remaining halls. Starting off in hall 6 - ‘The World of Agency’ - we were hosted by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Slack, Teads, Experian and many more - all providing insight and inspiration for attendees across the globe. We attended our day two meetings with Impact (affiliates) and Experian (display) which we can confirm have already proved indispensable to our current clients.

After another long yet insightful day, we left DMEXCO with over 40 contacts between us, and a variety of new opportunities. To end our trip on a high, we hired electric scooters from outside the conference centre, being one of the most popular transport methods to get around the city, and headed back to our hotel exhausted but buzzing. 

If you get a chance, we'd strongly recommend attending DMEXCO. It provides a great place to network with new and existing contacts, as well as immersing yourself with new and upcoming digital marketing trends. The party was pretty good too… if you can get your hands on a ticket!


The Author

Alexandra Drewnicki

Alexandra Drewnicki

Affiliate Account Manager

Alex is an Affiliate Account Manager within the Paid Media team at twentysix. She looks to increase brands' presence and revenue by utilising multiple affiliate sectors online whilst maintaining a healthy ROAS. These include content and social sites, voucher, cashback and employee benefit hubs.