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A (half) day in the life at Facebook

A (half) day in the life at Facebook

By Ellie Kenny

Last month I was fortunate enough to spend half a day at Facebook's London HQ, taking part in their ‘New Starter’ training. My morning was spent soaking up their wisdom and insight into Facebook’s best practices, which I thought would be worth sharing. This is a (half) day in the life at Facebook. 

Facebook. A company which knows you better than most of your friends list, not personally but from the information you choose to share and upload. Even just half a day at their office gave a glimpse into what it’s like to be a Facebook employee, which might be every millennials dream. Picture this, Avocado on toast with sundried tomatoes, fresh fruit, yogurt and granola, all FREE and not just for guests but for their employees, every day. One other trainee shared that the offices are designed so that employees never want to leave; the dream working environment or a little bit scary?

Though the breakfast was amazing, it was the content I was there to take in. They started by outlining their goals, where they are now and where they want to be in the next ten years. At present, their focus is to improve the platforms they currently own by making the user/advertiser experience better before their focus turns to AI and Machine Learning, which seems to be talk of the digital town right now.  

The half day consisted of two one-hour lectures - one which highlighted Facebook's goals and the solutions they offer, and the other about how best to optimise these for clients. One sentiment which was consistently reiterated was, “Think Mobile-First”, and with over 58% of site visits happening on mobile, it isn’t a surprise. Within this, Facebook showed a specific focus on creative optimisation to improve performance.

Here are a few of my key takeaways from the day:

Creativity for a mobile-first world 

Mobile Feed – Branding 

Introducing the brand within the first three seconds results in 2x more brand recall, helping with purchase intent results and incremental conversions. 

Mobile Feed – Sound 

Design for sound off, most people don’t watch videos with sound. Use visual elements to tell your story, incorporating text overlays, graphics or captions.

Mobile Stories – Consumption

Consumption of stories is faster than Instagram feed, so using less than the maximum may increase efficiency. Make sure video is relevant, showcasing products in use to help encourage conversions. 

Facebooks creative hub offers eLearning courses to help advertisers produce successful creative campaigns, with the dos and don’ts of the social media realm. However, in order to produce captivating creatives, it’s important to understand your customer base, which can be done through unlocking Facebook insights. 

Understand your audience 

You can unlock insights to understand your customers through:

Facebook IQ

- People. Understanding them, their behaviours, geographies and device usage

- Advertising. The value in measurement and how it can influence effective marketing 

- Vertical. People who matter to you and how best to reach them 

- Moments. Holidays and Events, marking these on Facebook and Instagram to enhance the advertising experience 

- Tools & Resources. Explore growth opportunities by expanding your marketing toolkit with Insights to go, Cross Border Insights Finder and Audience Insights Tool 

Audience Insights 

Audience insights gives you the opportunity to get aggregate information about two groups of people – people who are connected to your page and people on Facebook. Gather demographic information, find out what your audience likes and learn about their lifestyles.

Insights to Go 

Making data more accessible and actionable, by allowing you to download stats and share them instantly. Filtering options are handy in helping you find the relevant ones. 

Insights should be used to get your creative juices flowing, fuel your strategy and help to guide your decision making. Ultimately, the main reason for understanding your audience and producing the right creative is about reaching your specific goal.

Goal reaching 

So, the data provides the insight, this insight into your audience then helps to guide your creative approach. Yet, to fully optimise your campaign, the key is using these insights to set your goals and knowing which is the best platform, creative formats and targeting to reach it. 

If your goal is brand awareness, focus on Facebook and Instagram feeds/stories and optimise these by using creative formats such as video, collection, in-stream and carousel ads. Alternatively, if you're looking to increase online sales, drive conversions through Facebook feed by using a collection creative format targeting custom audiences.

So, what can we take from this? As advertisers, we need to research, understand and learn. Research the best approach, understand the best practices and learn what works for you. Facebook stressed the importance of trial and error being a crucial part of development and goal reaching, so don’t be afraid to try and test different avenues to get there.  

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The Author

Ellie Kenny

Ellie Kenny

Junior Display Exec

Ellie is part of the Display team at twentysix. She uses the skills gained in her Marketing and Advertising degree to analyse, optimise and measure performance for her clients. She has a specific interest in Paid Social, and the variety of platforms which can be used to engage with consumers.