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Campaign Edit #9: Team GB, a pizza themed wedding and plastic beaches

Campaign Edit #9: Team GB, a pizza themed wedding and plastic beaches

By Emma Robinson

A look at some of the latest campaigns that have caught our eye recently from patriotic messages to a doughball bouquet.


 A shave-free summer


The new razor brand Billie has made an impressionable mark on the industry by creating what it believes to be the first ever razor ad for women that features pubic hair. The brand wants to change the conversation and stigma around women’s pubic hair by encouraging them to shave for themselves, not for society. The campaign’s core message is ‘shaving is a choice, not an expectation’. The ad also features women of different sizes, nationalities and different styles of pubic hair.


 Pizza- themed wedding


The pizza company, Chicago Town is offering one lucky pizza-obsessed couple the chance to win a pizza-themed wedding. This fun campaign comes after discovering that 65% of British people would be excited to go to a wedding if pizza was on the menu. The successful couple will win a pizza wedding dress (loosely based on Rhianna’s iconic Met Gala dress from 2018), a doughball bouquet and a honeymoon to Chicago.




Brita, the water-filter company is on a mission to promote its refillable, filtered water bottles, as well as warn everyone of plastic contamination. The brand has teamed up with 21 influencers to help promote the message. These influencers have posted a side by side view of beautiful natural beaches and what they will look like in the future if we carry on with our current bad habits in terms of plastic use.


 Promoting proud parents


The Naz & Matt Foundation has teamed up with TBWA to create the campaign #OutAndProudParentsDay. This comes on the 5-year anniversary of the death of the founder’s fiancé, Nazim, after he took his own life when receiving a negative reaction to coming out as gay. The social media campaign encourages parents with strong religious and traditional families to ‘come out’ as supportive LGBTQ+ parents and join the ever-growing community. This message is even more important as recent research shows that people who come out to unaccepting parents are 2.7 times more likely to have anxiety and depression. 


 The last sprint to Tokyo


Team GB is getting the nation excited for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with its ‘Only One Year To Go’ campaign. In response to discovering that Team GB is still the nation’s favourite sports team, Olympians Beth Tweddle and Greg Rutherford handed out inspirational messages at Manchester Piccadilly, whilst those in the main piazza were treated to a reel of iconic Olympic moments from past years. Other cities across the country saw messages of unity and pride to create a general buzz in preparation for next year.




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Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson

Content and Comms Intern

Emma is a 3rd-year modern languages student at Newcastle University with a real interest in digital marketing. She is currently an intern at twentysix supporting our content and communications team.