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Campaign edit #8: A clean Vic, McPicnic and bargain bucket hats

Campaign edit #8: A clean Vic, McPicnic and bargain bucket hats

By Jack Cox

A round-up of some of the campaigns that have caught our eye recently, from an alcohol-free pub, a McPicnic, bucket hats and Idris Elba.

The Clean Vic

An exclusively zero alcohol pop-up pub will be opened in central London by Sainsbury’s this month. The Clean Vic is taking advantage of the rise of non-alcoholic drinks and punters can take their pick from a range of 20 no and low alcohol drinks.


Introducing the McPicnic

To promote the release of their new delivery service in Sweden, McDonald’s have teamed up with Nord DDB to create the Picnic Position Blanket. The limited-edition picnic blanket comes fully equipped with scannable QR codes and GPS – allowing for orders to be delivered straight to the blanket. The bad news is that it is only available in Sweden.



Kellogg’s and Crayola creative breakfast

Kellogg’s have temporarily stripped the colour away from their cereal boxes’ packaging, resulting in black and white designs which inspire customers to get back to their creative roots. The Colour & Win partnership with Crayola features AR which brings the drawings to life.


Summer like Idris Elba

Idris Elba has decided to share his best tips for enjoying the summer with us in this new campaign with Stella Artois. Change your outlook by living each day with a little bit of holiday in them and enjoy a Stella Artois at the same time – simple.


Disney’s most played on Spotify

It’s no secret that the UK loves songs from Disney and a recent study ranked the top 10 most played on Spotify. In first place was Let it go, from Frozen, leading the way with 298 million plays.


Bargain buckets and hats

The KFC bucket might be the new ‘must’ in the fashion world this summer. KFC Russia have joined forces with streetwear brand Mam Cupy, to create the KFC bucket hat – which can also be used to hold your fried chicken.


Is it legal to…?


A recent study looked at the most common legal queries for the UK, US and Canada by tracking Google searches that began with “is it legal to”. The study found that hundreds of Canadians want to marry themselves each month, this was their most common, while 1,800 Americans and Brits enquired about marrying their cousin. Hundreds of Americans and Canadians enquired about owning a wolf, while 100 Brits a month wanted to know if it was legal to own a fox. The second most common query for the UK and US asked if it was legal to drive barefoot, this ranked 20 for Canadians. All three countries were very interested in recording phone calls and conversations with nearly 2000 searches per month.




The Author

Jack Cox

Jack Cox

Junior Campaign Executive

Jack has recently joined the Content and Comms team after graduating from University with a BA in Marketing. He has a keen interest in PR and is always looking for the next big campaign.