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Campaign edit #7: Sausage rolls, LGBTQ and comfy fonts

Campaign edit #7: Sausage rolls, LGBTQ and comfy fonts

By Emma Robinson

The low down of some of the campaigns that have caught our eye recently, from a sausage roll themed delivery service to a font that you’ll want to sit on.

Custom sausage roll sidecar

To celebrate its famous sausage roll, Greggs has joined with Just Eat to deliver freshly baked goods with a twist. The company has created a sausage roll-esque motorbike and sidecar inspired by the founder, John Gregg. The fun twist on delivery will be active in Newcastle, London and Glasgow.


Fairy goes Fair

Fairy has rebranded to ‘Fair’ and added the Pride flag on the detergent bottles. This is to raise awareness and spark conversation about the LGBTQ community, with every purchase contributing to the AKT foundation. AKT offers safe homes and support for the young LGBTQ community. The campaign also features Duncan James from Blue who opens up about his coming out story. 


Creepy Billboards for Stranger Things

Eggo has jumped on the Stranger Things hype during the run-up to the series three premiere. The social channels have been flooded with 1980’s themed advertising (the era in which the show is set), as well as creating billboards that drip blood, paying tribute to the iconic character ‘Eleven’.


Tackling gender bias in engineering

To mark International Women in Engineering Day, Jaguar Land Rover asked a handful of primary school children to draw who they thought had designed the new Land Rover; all of them drew a man. The campaign aims to create awareness of the lack of women in engineering, break stereotypes and encourage young girls to enter this sector.


World’s comfiest font

IKEA has turned the joke around in this new campaign where they’ve created a font, calling it ‘Soffa Sans’. Deemed as ‘the comfiest font’, IKEA responded to memes that were made from their online sofa planner where users created the most extravagant sofas. The campaign has proved a social media success, especially on Twitter with one tweet in particular by @rudermensch getting 56.5K retweets.


Recycling gets a makeover 

To tackle Italy’s recycling problem, Coca-Cola has come up with a creative solution to encourage everyone to dispose of their plastic waste in an eco-friendly way. In the world we live in today, everyone loves convenience. Therefore, Coca-Cola has made its recycling bins almost unmissable with huge, red wall art that points to nearby bins.




The Author

Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson

Content and Comms Intern

Emma is a 3rd-year modern languages student at Newcastle University with a real interest in digital marketing. She is currently an intern at twentysix supporting our content and communications team.