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Campaign edit #6: Iconic TV homes, hipster reading lists and gay penguins

Campaign edit #6: Iconic TV homes, hipster reading lists and gay penguins

By Sophie Nightingale

The low down of some of the campaigns that have caught our eye recently, from gay penguins in London Zoo to a Stranger Things themed whopper. 

What TV’s most iconic homes cost today

A campaign by Attic Storage has looked into some of TV’s most iconic homes and found out what they would cost today. The Birmingham-based Peaky Blinders parlour comes in at £229,000 and The Only Fools and Horses Nelson Mandela House is just short of £500,000.

The Design Museum’s 30th birthday

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the Design Museum, iconic and up-and-coming artists have created new logos using the number 30 for inspiration. The logos will be displayed on the 4th July and tickets will be just 30p. Some of the artists include Margaret Calvert, Frith Kerr, Anthony Burrill and Alva Skog.

Burger Kings’ Upside Down Whopper

To celebrate the release of Stranger Things series 3, Burger King has launched ‘The Upside Down Whopper’. Avid fans will note the reference of only 11 locations selling the whopper as well as the Hopper Meal named after the show’s Sheriff.

2019 Hipster Summer Reading List

The Hipster Summer Reading List, created by editors at The Pudding, sifts through over 100 million checkout records at the Seattle Public Library to find fiction books that for 10 years, haven’t been checked out. The stack of 276 books allows you to scroll down and categorise by peak hipster, locally sourced, back-pocket-fit, binge mode or off the grid.

What these European road signs really mean

Our latest campaign with Al Fresco Holidays highlights the confusing and funny road signs in Europe that baffle drivers. Do you think you can work out what they mean? From jellyfish sightings to car backflips, the signs got the public in a muddle proving that even the most experienced of drivers can get it wrong when abroad.  

Pride 2019 at London Zoo

London Zoo is celebrating 2019 Pride by reminding people that penguins can be gay too. The campaign was devised after two of their male penguins adopted an egg that had been abandoned by another penguin couple. The pair are said to have shared duties of rearing the egg until the chick, Kyton, was old enough to leave the nest. The zoo’s colony of penguins has two other same-sex couples.


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