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Campaign edit #4: Spotify recipes, burning vampire ads and the world’s smallest restaurant

Campaign edit #4: Spotify recipes, burning vampire ads and the world’s smallest restaurant

By Sophie Nightingale

The low down of some of the campaigns that have caught our eye recently including recipes inspired by your favourite playlists, a teeny take-out for bees, a flammable ad and how to kit out your living room like Stranger Things.


IKEA’s Famous Sitting Rooms

This week Ikea UAE launched its famous sitting rooms campaign, recreating iconic set ups from Friends, The Simpsons and Stranger Things with their own furniture. It took 2 months to source all the right pieces of furniture for the campaign going through hundreds of pieces for the accessories, curtains and light fixtures.

The team explained: "In the UAE, Ikea faces a bigger challenge to be relevant to all of them, as the population is composed by mostly of expats. To show that Ikea has relevant solutions to all cultures, the brand recreated rooms everyone loves—the perfect inspiration to sell furniture in a way our diverse audience could connect to."  


FOX The Passage – Burning Advert

A concoction of flammable paint, potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid was used to create the advertising poster in Brazil for Fox’s Vampire show The Passage. When daylight hits the poster, it goes up in flames, like the vampires in the show. The posters were replaces twice as the life span of each ad is obviously, very limited.


 Mcdonald’s McHive

Designed to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities, the McHive is a fully functioning beehive in a teeny tiny McDonald’s restaurant. It sold on eBay for nearly £8,000 and raises the importance of caring for our bees and how imperative they are for human life. The hive is accessed underneath the restuarant and provides a haven for bees, but no burgers insight. 


Tramontina – Flavour of Songs


Cookware brand Tramontina has launched a new campaign that pairs two of our favourite things; food and music. Partnering with Spotify, the brand have created an algorithm that converts any song on Spotify into a recipe. Working with nuroscientists and tech experts, the campaign uses the cognitive principle of synesthesia which is the phenomenon where one sense involuntarily influeners another. The campaign features ads on Spotify in Brazil that asks users to suggest flavours depending on the song they can her. The Flavor of Songs website then reveals the reocmmended recipes and a click through to the required cookware needed to make it from Tramontina.

Watch the full video here.






The Author

Sophie Nightingale

Sophie Nightingale

Campaign Executive

Sophie is part of the Content and Comms team at twentysix with specific interests in digital PR. She has a First Class Master's degree in marketing and had her paper on brand engagement published in the academic field.