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Campaign edit #15: The Office characters, invisibility cloaks, eco-city breaks and off grid in the UK

Campaign edit #15: The Office characters, invisibility cloaks, eco-city breaks and off grid in the UK

By Sophie Nightingale

Take a look at some of the campaigns that have caught our eye recently, from the negative and positive sentiments of The Office characters to an index of football transfer costs in today's money.


The Office character sentiment

An analysis of the positive and negative sentiment toward The Office characters has been undertaken, revealing David W at the top with a score of 0.173, and Stanley at the bottom with 0.026. The smartest characters have also been listed, as well as the number of times specific people make a reference (like Kevin talking about food or Angela about cats).


Elon Musk, Twitter and Tesla stocks

It’s well known that Tesla’s founder Elon Musk often takes to Twitter to reveal company secrets, his opinion on politics, and random memes of the moment. If you’ve ever wondered how important a business persons social profile is in representing their company, this live graph compares Elon’s tweets with the Tesla stocks and media sentiment, drawing comparisons to sentiment and stock fluctuation.


Off-grid in the UK

This campaign by Shakleton Whisky takes a look at some of the most beautiful places in the UK to explore and "Get off-grid”. The interactive map allows you to zoom in on the hotspots, revealing beautiful photos and further information about the area, and a click-through to map directions from your location.  


Eco-city breaks

One of’s latest research pieces identifies the best cities to visit in Europe for eco-tourism qualities. Categories that rank the capital cities include air quality, electric cars, green spaces, cycle-friendly, car-free zone and eco-friendly hotels. The best cities come as no surprise with Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockho­lm taking the top spots.  


The transfer index

TotallyMoney has created a transfer window index, indicating what legendary football players would be paid in today’s money. In first place securing the largest cost is Gianluca Vialli who played centre-forward 1992-1993 and would have been bought for £209,011,684 in today’s money.


Poundland invisibility cloaks

Fake products are usually the pretence of April Fools, but Poundland have struck the Halloween period early releasing an invisibility cloak, which is literally a coat hanger.. or is it?


CALM wash labels

Havas, Campaign Against Living Miserably and Topshop have partnered to create a line of clothes that feature a re-designed version of the wash label, instead reminding customers to handle with care and to look after themselves. The self-care guidance labels were launched on Mental Health Awareness Day last week and are on sale in Topshop and Topman with the hashtag #LetWhatsInsideOut.




The Author

Sophie Nightingale

Sophie Nightingale

Campaign Executive

Sophie is part of the Content and Comms team at twentysix with specific interests in digital PR. She has a First Class Master's degree in marketing and had her paper on brand engagement published in the academic field.