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Campaign edit #13: Monopoly, Yo! Sushi, Spotify nostalgia and Burger King clowns

Campaign edit #13: Monopoly, Yo! Sushi, Spotify nostalgia and Burger King clowns

By Sophie Nightingale

Some of the campaigns that have caught our eye recently from feminist Monopoly to Burger King clowns and Spotify’s nostalgic ads.

Feminist Monopoly

Monopoly has released a feminist version of the game where women are paid more money than men to teach players about the gender pay gap. Toy manufacturing company Hasbro said the new game celebrates the empowerment of women. The game features 3 female inventors who are paid with real money and earn £40 more than men for passing go on the game.


Yo! Sushi name change

Yo! Sushi has changed its name to include everything it serves from seaweed to beef to wine and ramen. The Richmond branch changed its sign to highlight the scale of choice available at the restaurant. Customer feedback proved the name was too long and almost impossible to pronounce.


Burger King clowns

Burger King clowns McDonald’s in a new ‘IT’ promo stunt. To mark the release of the new IT film, Burger King Germany invites customers to #Escapetheclown at its nearest restaurant. Using geo-targeting to promote advertisements via Facebook and Twitter, once customers arrive at Burger King, they can get a whopper burger for only 1 cent.


Domino’s night-in outfit

Domino’s has collaborated with luxury streetwear designer Liam Hodges to create the perfect outfit for a night in. The limited-edition unisex collection draws inspiration from the A/W19 trend for duvet coats – perfect for a cosy night in with a slice of pepperoni.


Nike’s IT

Nike’s latest kids campaign sees the reverse of the negative perception of ‘you’re it’ in school playgrounds to a fun game of being ‘it’. The TV ad is filmed with girls from different countries speaking different languages and promotes Nike’s Move initiative which encourages activity amongst girls.


Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret

Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret is a short film exposing the problem of plastic hanger pollution in the fashion industry. Hanger pollution is unknown to the larger population, but every year an estimated 85 billion plastic hangers are thrown away. The video, which was aired at London Fashion Week, can be watched here.


Dress like KFC

KFC has launched Colonel Sanders costumes in celebration of his 129 years as the brand’s figurehead. The founder’s well-known appearance has been turned into an official limited edition costume. The costume is available in child and adult sizes and includes a white jacket, shirt, dress trousers, facial hair, glasses and a wig.


Spotify nostalgia

Spotify ignites our music nostalgia with its latest campaign – Listen Like You Used To. Comparing musical decades, the new outdoor billboards pay homage to Gen Xers, remembering musical triumphs from the 80’s and 90’s. Research for the campaign found that we hold a special place in our hearts for bangers from our teenage years which is something Spotify wants to remind today’s 40 and 50-year-olds.   


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Sophie Nightingale

Sophie Nightingale

Campaign Executive

Sophie is part of the Content and Comms team at twentysix with specific interests in digital PR. She has a First Class Master's degree in marketing and had her paper on brand engagement published in the academic field.