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Campaign edit #10: Dream jobs and the world

Campaign edit #10: Dream jobs and the world

By Sophie Nightingale

The post where we take a look at some of our favourite campaigns over the past few weeks, from the fun, to the weird, to the clever. This week has unintentionally landed on themes of dream jobs and the world with amazing satellite imaging and cat-cuddling opportunities.


How much warmer is your city?

The BBC has published an interactive data piece that looks at the prediction of the best- and worst-case scenarios of temperature rises across the world, revealing the catastrophic changes our planet could face. Type in your city to see how temperatures have risen in your area, and what the predictions look like for the next few decades.  


Pie taster

We’ve recently launched a new dream job campaign for Free Super Tips which has received over 100 links. The campaign gives football fans the chance to win the role of a pie taster. The lucky winner will get tickets to all the Premier League games and budget to buy a pie at each one to review and rank which club has the best homemade pies.  


Around the world in perfect weather

Ever wanted to travel around the world in one go with perfect weather? has compiled an itinerary of 52 cities in 52 weeks around the globe which will land you with ideal temperatures of 21-24 degrees C the whole way. The trip starts in Bariloche, South America, and finishes in Freeport, the Bahamas, stopping at must-see cities like Sydney, Beijing, Los Angeles, Berlin and Marrakesh along the way.    


Cat cuddler

Another dream job campaign, the RSPCA is looking for candidates to cuddle and socialise with cats and rabbits. With various roles across its centres, successful applicants will be grooming and playing with the rescued animals who are all said to have a unique temperament and character.


Imaging the entire Earth, every day


Planet has created an animated visual of its satellites that are circling the world and taking images every second. This specific visual focusses on January 25th 2018 and randomly picks a satellite to follow every few seconds which provides details of its location and speed (average of 7.5km per second).




The Author

Sophie Nightingale

Sophie Nightingale

Campaign Executive

Sophie is part of the Content and Comms team at twentysix with specific interests in digital PR. She has a First Class Master's degree in marketing and had her paper on brand engagement published in the academic field.